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The Sopranos - 6x18 Kennedy and Heidi

Kennedy and Heidi

An asbestos-disposal impasse raises tensions between Jersey and New York. A car accident leads to tragedy – and Paulie being upstaged. Tony, his family and friends cope with a tragic loss. A.J. reconsiders his friendship with the two Jasons. Tony travels to Las Vegas, where he meets an interesting woman and has a revelation.


kenneththepage (Dec 10, 2014)

That wasn't good...Honestly the entire last episode built up to what happened at the beginning of this one, and everything afterwards in this episode was just lame. SHOW SPOILER I'm really disappointed with this season, and I'm dreading the finale...

tiagoh (Sep 25, 2012)

jeez, got chills all over the episode. :|

nielstaildeman (Jul 26, 2012)

No this can't be! :(

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  • Aired May 14, 2007
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