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Undeclared - 1x04 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Jobs,  Jobs,  Jobs

Marshall is feeling under the weather and Ron advises him to go to the campus health clinic. Rachel is against that idea, telling them that all doctors are quacks and natural medicine is the way to go. She knows several natural remedies and offers to take care of Marshall while he's sick. Ron convinces Marshall it's a good idea, because it will make Rachel feel smart if she actually helps Marshall get better. And that leads to "boob time." Marshall is more than happy to accept the offer because it will mean spending more time with Rachel. Steven is fed up with Lloyd's sexual escapades because he's constantly being put out of his room. He starts out sleeping on the common room couch, but Ron forcefully takes it over after Marshall gets sick and banishes Steven to the rec room. The rec room is filled with other losers whose roommates have a lot of sex. At first, Steven is very uncomfortable, but then he starts to bond with the strange bunch. The next day, Steven is angry when Lloyd infor


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  • Aired Jan 16, 2002
  • Episode 1x04
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