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Undeclared - 1x05 Sick In The Head

Sick In The Head

Everyone, especially Ron, is excited about Adam Sandler coming to perform at UNEC. Hal shows up, anxious to go to see Sandler with everyone. Ron and Marshall are unsympathetic to Steven's complaints about Lloyd' s bonding with Hal. After the concert, to everyone's thrilled surprise, Perry, who is on the activities committee, has arranged for Adam to hang out with them on their floor after the show. Ron is obnoxiously nervous and wants Adam's visit to be perfect so he'll come back. He frets over everything, including what type of music to play. While everyone else is thrilled too, Rachel couldn't care less. She chooses to study in her room instead. After the show, Adam and his friends, Loughran and Covert, are on their way to meet the gang on the fourth floor. Loughran is being a baby because he's hungry and he doesn't want to be the one to order the pizza again. He's fed up with his job. Adam and Covert tease him and, when they get out of the elevator, Loughran storms off in another di


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  • Aired Oct 17, 2001
  • Episode 1x05
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