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Veronica Mars - 2x01 Normal Is the Watchword

Normal Is the Watchword

Recalling the overwhelming events of her summer, including the capture of Lilly's murderer, Logan falling under suspicion of murder when one of Weevils biker buddies gets killed, and the chaos that surrounded his trial that pushed her back into the arms of Duncan, Veronica is determined to settle into "normal" life. She gets a new after-school job and returns to the popular fold at Neptune High, but she gets pulled back into the investigation business when her best friend Wallace is kicked off the basketball team for testing positive for drugs. Keith sits down with reporter Julie Chen to discuss his new book on the Lilly Kane murder, "Big Murder, Small Town." After the difficult summer Logan has had he seeks refuge from the paparazzi and relaxes pool-side at the Casablanca's mansion with buddies Dick and "Beaver" and their sexy stepmother Kendall.


Leusee (Oct 12, 2023)

Incredible start!

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  • Aired Sep 28, 2005
  • Episode 2x01
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