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Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire Season 1

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1x01 Caesar aired Sep 21, 2006

Julius Caesar's rise to power, from his military success to his decision to return home and seize power from his old ... read more

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1x02 Nero aired Sep 28, 2006

The life of emperor Nero was as schizophrenic as his reputation is mad. In the first half, his refined upbringing all... read more

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1x03 Rebellion aired Oct 05, 2006

In the spring of 66 AD, target-failure by the tax collectors in the province of Iudea makes the Roman garrison turn o... read more

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1x04 Revolution aired Oct 12, 2006

Since the young Tiberius Gracchus assisted his famous father and namesakes funeral pile, he is destined for even grea... read more

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1x05 Constantine aired Oct 19, 2006

Emperors Diocletian's 'Tetrarchy', a hierarchic system of four emperors, fails as they soon fight each-other. Autumn ... read more

Fall of Rome
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1x06 Fall of Rome aired Oct 26, 2006

Under emperor Honorius Rome was still the nominal, eponymous capital, but his seat of government was the palace in Ra... read more

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