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Merlin (2008)

Merlin (2008)

Merlin, an exciting fantasy series, takes viewers inside the world of Camelot but in a 21st century manner. Before Merlin (Colin Morgan) and Arthur (Bradley James) were legends, they were young men hungry for adventure. In search of love and their own true destinies, the duo make their share of mistakes along the way.

Note: While very entertaining, the series does play fast and loose with what is considered "canon" about Arthur's legend. The series should not be considered as an accurate portrayal of what is known or believed about Arthur, his knights, or the times they lived in.

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aired Sep 20, 2008


IM1Dlover (Nov 08, 2014)

I love so much this show that it hurts...

Dragonlord (Feb 23, 2013)

They need a rewatch option on here as well, I've only seen Merlin four times... :D

JaaMoka (Feb 13, 2013)

I loved this show! What will ever fill that gap...

lithlupus (Jan 31, 2013)

They didn't cancelled the show. The real story ends this way.
Awesome show. I strongly recommend it.

BertDenolf (Dec 28, 2012)

Not the best show I've ever seen but it deserves a special place in my list. The plot or storyline isn't that great but it's highly entertaining and that's why I liked it. Also the character's development between Arthur and Merlin through all 5 seasons was wonderful. Most of all I'll miss the cast.

lois (Dec 26, 2012)

I'm actually disappointed it ended.

b0sse (Nov 26, 2012)
alexisdhondt (Jun 16, 2012)

@Quetzalma probably somewhere between 15th september and 1 october

Quetzalma (May 25, 2012)

when is this gonna show again?

alexisdhondt (May 21, 2012)

@wictor nah, it's amusing. Not especially made for kids ^^

wictor (May 13, 2012)

is this show for kids?

jamila (Oct 27, 2011)

I <3 love this show!!! It's again SUPER!!

b0sse (Oct 01, 2011)

They finally upgraded this show to HD!! :D
Been waiting for them to do this show in 720p like forever :D

ColeFrost (Jul 25, 2011)
ColeFrost (Jul 15, 2011)
aliissa (Nov 14, 2010)

Just finished watching 3X10. The show is OK. I really need to consider it for younger kids unless I want the writers to insult my intelligence. As much as I would like the writers to milk a specific mini plot (in the case Morgana being evil and nobody else other than Merlin and Guius know it), still; they seems to almost avoid every easy solution to their weekly predicaments to make sure the mini plot continues.
As an example; Merlin changes himself into an old wizard to take the blame from Gwen but fails to just accuse Morgana in the process as an accomplice just to throw some doubts in her way.

VKristien (Sep 11, 2010)

Wow, I loved 3x01. Welcome back show, I missed you!

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  • Premiered Sep 20, 2008
  • Genre Action, Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Romance/Dating
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Network BBC One
  • Runtime 60 minutes
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