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Naruto: Shippuden

Naruto: Shippuden

The plot tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and aspires to become a Hokage, the ninja in his village that is acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all. Naruto: Shippuden is the ongoing sequel to the original Naruto anime and covers the Naruto manga from volume twenty-eight on. It starts where Naruto left off, Naruto returns to Konoha after his two and a half year training with Jirayia...

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aired Feb 15, 2007


Xoundor (Jun 04, 2015)

5 Months of fillers. One and a half episode canon. Switch to filler again. I'm starting to think one lifetime will not suffice to witness the ending of this show

Banished (Jul 03, 2014)

@mrVazil story

mrVazil (Jul 02, 2014)

@banished is season 17 back on story or is it still fillers?

Banished (May 22, 2014)

YO, we need more episodes on, this show is still airing


yorrak (May 22, 2014)

I dont get all the ppl complaining about the fillers.
Read the manga if you just want to know whats happening in the main storyline.
I really like the fillers, since they give new background information
I'd love to see more about the old war, the other jinchuriki and so on

Xoundor (May 22, 2014)

Disappointed with how they keep handling this show. I'd rather have them put in some breaks in stead of endless filler arcs and showing the same flashbacks over and over.

When Tobi's true identity was revealed they started showing his story. When they were a few eps in, they randomly jumped to another characters story and then again to another. Then it just ends and they resume the main story without even finishing the background story of tobi. What. The. Hell.

The battle's worth it though.

stalov (Dec 28, 2013)

@Aversie Yep

mrVazil (Jul 27, 2012)

fillers! fillers everywhere!

meikeetc (Mar 08, 2012)

I love naruto!
the story is great!

Aversie (Dec 28, 2011)

ain't even gonna watch these stupid fillers... Naruto always had alot of fillers... but this is getting crazy... Naruto is reall becomingboring.

xerooo (Dec 22, 2011)

why isnt this in the count ?
so good , unfortunatly filler central at the moment , but almost past it !!

ETalker (Sep 10, 2010)

great story!

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  • Premiered Feb 15, 2007
  • Genre Action, Adventure, Anime, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Animation
  • Country Japan
  • Network TV Tokyo
  • Runtime 30 minutes
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