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Phil of the Future Season 1

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1x01 Future Tutor aired Aug 13, 2004

A boy named Tanner asks Keely out, but Phil doesn't really like him. One day when Phil is doing a skit on stage a gir... read more

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1x02 Future Jock aired Aug 13, 2004

Phil skips Unification Day to go to a party that he can't even get in to. Pim cheats on a cooking assignent, so she h... read more

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1x03 Corner Pocket aired Apr 08, 2005

The Diffy's discover Curtis the Caveman stowed away in the time machine and now it's up to Lloyd to decide if they sh... read more

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1x04 You Say Toe-Mato aired Aug 13, 2004

Lloyd and Barbara decide to go on a weekend road trip for their anniversery. They leave Phil in charge of Pim and if ... read more

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1x05 Meet the Curtis aired Jun 18, 2004

Phil is sent to second grade to work on his writing after he messes up on his cue cards for the news. Pim cheats on a... read more

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1x06 Phenomonally Yours aired Aug 06, 2004

Phil gets detention and goes to the dance with his new "guy friends." But when a bull attacks his new friend, he morp... read more

Milkin' It
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1x07 Milkin' It aired Mar 25, 2005

Phil helps Keely with her stage fright so Phil shrinks himself and sits on her microphone during her performance; Pim... read more

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1x08 We'll Fix It in Editing aired Oct 01, 2004

Phil and Pim worry that Lloyd will embarrass them when he plans to play American folk music at their school concert; ... read more

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1x09 Double Trouble aired Jan 01, 2005

Phil tries to dissuade another girl's affections; Pim joins the orchestra to sabotage Debbie's solo; Pim meets Bradle... read more

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1x10 Unification Day aired Jun 18, 2004

Pim and Phil start school in 2004. Phil meets Keely and offers to tutor her in Algebra. Pim tries to get through her ... read more

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1x11 Your Cheatin' Heart aired Jun 18, 2004

Phil uses a futuristic gadget to compete in the gymnastics tournament. read more

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1x12 Age Before Beauty aired Nov 12, 2004

Phil and Keely go to the Tomato Ranch. But Phil is worried about going in the tomato mashing tub as he only has 4 toe... read more

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1x13 Phillin' In aired Jun 18, 2004

Phil and Keely start a day-care service for dogs to earn money for concert tickets. Phil uses a futuristic gadget to ... read more

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1x14 Daddy Dearest aired Jul 23, 2004

A school video project causes Phil to overlook his friends' feelings; Pim is recruited for a track meet. read more

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1x15 My Way aired Jul 09, 2004

Debbie enlists everyone is school to help her bake cupcakes except Pim. But soon enough Pim is forced into giving the... read more

Team Diffy
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1x16 Team Diffy aired Oct 28, 2005

Keely uses the "New-Ager" and pretends to be a substitute teacher, but she then gains the attraction of Mr. Hackett. read more

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1x17 Doggie Daycare aired Aug 27, 2004

Phil tries to impress the mayor's daughter but things get bad when he switches places with Curtis. Pim realizes that ... read more

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1x18 Tanner aired Jun 25, 2004

Phil defends Pim against a bully and then he gets bullied. Curtis takes the neighbor's lawn ornaments and calls them ... read more

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1x19 Halloween aired Oct 08, 2004

Phil and Keely enter a science fair featuring next Century's "milk engine" sending Lloyd into a state of panic that t... read more

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1x20 Raging Bull aired Jul 02, 2004

Phil and Keely pretend to be in cheerleading to impress Mrs. Teslow. Pim tries to find the one thing that Debbie can'... read more

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1x21 Neander-Phil aired Dec 10, 2004

Phil's future "friend" comes to 2121. He offers the Diffy's a way to get home. Will Phil choose the right decision? read more


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