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Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken

Created by Seth Green and Matt Senreich, Robot Chicken is a festival of old-school stop motion animation and fast-paced satire. Action figures are used to great effect to spoof tv, movies, music and celebrities. From the twisted minds of Seth and Matt ,the idea came up when Matt Seinrech interviewed Seth Green for 'Toyfare' magazine. Matt had a regular feature titled 'Twisted Toyfare Theater' in which Seth was a fan and eventually the idea for Robot Chicken came about after Seth appeared on 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien'. The name for the show kept changing and changing due to copyright and legal reasons until eventually they came upon the dish ' Robot Chicken ' in a local Chinese restaurant. The dish was described as' Tender chunks of chicken breast fried in a light batter and cooked in a sweet and pungent sauce'. While Matt and Seth were working on the idea a Sony website heard about the idea and approached the two about creating an internet only series. In 2001 'Sweet J Presents' was launched. This eventually became 'Robot Chicken' , named precisely after the dish.

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aired Feb 21, 2005


Artifex (Oct 01, 2012)

I really like Robot chicken. Short, pretty random but mostly parodical episodes, consistent of short, 10 second scenes, sometimes longer, sometimes even shorter.

For me, in a way, it is the same thing as watching fail compilations. You can watch it even if you have a short attention-span, and every scene is funny in it's own way.

The fact that most episodes are 15 minutes long is actually beneficial for this series. 5 minutes longer and it would have been too much.

All in all, great funny little show.

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  • 3.7 (46 votes)
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  • Status Returning series
  • Premiered Feb 20, 2005
  • Genre Comedy, Stop-Motion, Animation
  • Country United States
  • Network Adult Swim
  • Runtime 15 minutes
  • Links IMDb, TheTVDB


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