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Sliders Season 1

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Pilot (1)
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1x01 Pilot (1) aired Mar 22, 1995

While working in his basement, Quinn Mallory opens the gateway to parallel worlds. For a test run, Quinn invites co-w... read more

Pilot (2)
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1x02 Pilot (2) aired Mar 22, 1995

After barely escaping the last world, the Sliders think they are home. But to their horror, Quinn and Arturo learn th... read more

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1x03 Fever aired Mar 29, 1995

On a world where penicillin was never invented, Quinn is mistaken for his double, who is believed to be the cause of ... read more

Last Days
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1x04 Last Days aired Apr 05, 1995

The Sliders arrive on a world that will be destroyed by an asteroid before they are due to slide. Arturo works with B... read more

The Prince of Wails
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1x05 The Prince of Wails aired Apr 12, 1995

The Sliders arrive in the British States of America, where Arturo's double is plotting to assassinate a prince and ta... read more

Summer of Love
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1x06 Summer of Love aired Apr 19, 1995

The Sliders are separated on a world where the Hippie movement of the sixties is still alive and the US is at war wit... read more

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1x07 Eggheads aired Apr 26, 1995

On a world where being smart is the equivalent of being a sports star, Quinn is a popular college athlete and finds h... read more

The Weaker Sex
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1x08 The Weaker Sex aired May 03, 1995

The Sliders arrive on a world where roles are reversed with women holding the positions of power. Arturo becomes a ca... read more

The King is Back
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1x09 The King is Back aired May 10, 1995

Rembrandt has arrived on his dream world, where his double is as popular as Elvis, but has been dead for eight years.... read more

Luck of the Draw
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1x10 Luck of the Draw aired May 17, 1995

When the Sliders land on a seemingly ideal world, Wade wins the lottery. But Quinn discovers that the lottery is popu... read more


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