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Spaced Season 1

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33 votes
1x01 Beginnings aired Sep 24, 1999

The plot for the entire series begins here: two late twenty somethings who are looking for a place to live. They find one, only it means posing as a couple, ... read more

27 votes
1x02 Gatherings aired Oct 01, 1999

We find Daisy and Tim settling in, only Daisy is finding it more than difficult to get any work done, and decides to throw a house-warming party that very ni... read more

29 votes
1x03 Art aired Oct 08, 1999

Daisy has a job interview, which gets her frazzled and depressed. Brian is faced with his ex-artist collaborator, Vulva, who makes him [Brian] feel inadequat... read more

26 votes
1x04 Battles aired Oct 15, 1999

Daisy has been dumped by boyfriend Richard. When she goes to Marsha about it, Marsha believes she is talking about Tim, and so she tries to back peddle and s... read more

26 votes
1x05 Chaos aired Oct 22, 1999

Tim is becoming increasingly disenchanted with Colin, the new dog, that when he goes missing, Daisy automatically assumes the worst: that Tim has conspired a... read more

30 votes
1x06 Epiphanies aired Oct 29, 1999

In a word: clubbing. This episode sees Tyres, Tim's mood-swinging, clubbing, cycling friend. He manages to lure the gang out to go out. Mike, meanwhile, is h... read more

25 votes
1x07 Ends aired Nov 05, 1999

Tim has a chance to get what he's been waiting for as Sarah, his ex, has called him and would like to have a coffee. Daisy is worried he will just get hurt, ... read more

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1x08 Deleted Scenes airdate unknown

No summary found for this show

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1x09 Outtakes 1 airdate unknown

No summary found for this show

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1x10 Outtakes 2 airdate unknown

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