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The Prisoner Season 1

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1x01 Arrival aired Sep 29, 1967

After an unnamed British secret agent retires from his position, he returns to his home in London to pack for a holiday. However, he is soon gassed and loses... read more

The Chimes of Big Ben
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1x02 The Chimes of Big Ben aired Oct 06, 1967

Number Six discovers he has a new neighbour, Nadia, who soon becomes known as Number Eight. She is an Estonian secret agent who, like Number Six, is a prison... read more

A. B. and C.
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1x03 A. B. and C. aired Oct 13, 1967

Not even Number 6's dreams are safe when Number 2 uses a drug to enter the Prisoner's mind and try to determine which of three individuals, designated A, B, ... read more

Free for All
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1x04 Free for All aired Oct 20, 1967

It's Election Time in the Village, and Number 6 is encouraged to run for the office. Number 6 is skeptical that anyone can honestly rise to power, but soon f... read more

The Schizoid Man
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1x05 The Schizoid Man aired Oct 27, 1967

Number 2 comes up with a scheme to break Number 6, by programming him with different likes and dislikes then convincing him that he is Number 12, brought to ... read more

The General
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1x06 The General aired Nov 03, 1967

The Village superiors are developing an electronic speedlearning process that allows them to place whatever information they wish in the human brain. The unw... read more

Many Happy Returns
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1x07 Many Happy Returns aired Nov 10, 1967

Number 6 wakes up to find the Village abandoned. He makes a boat and escapes to freedom, only to fall victim to gunrunners. Upon reaching London, he must con... read more

Dance of the Dead
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1x08 Dance of the Dead aired Nov 17, 1967

Number 6's discovery of a dead man on the beach sets off a bizarre series of events which culminate in a Village carnival where everyone is masked... and no ... read more

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1x09 Checkmate aired Nov 24, 1967

Number Six becomes involved in a living game of chess and discovers that the Queen has been programmed to fall in love with him and follow him while carrying... read more

Hammer into Anvil
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1x10 Hammer into Anvil aired Dec 01, 1967

When a young woman, Number Seventy-Three, takes her own life due to Number Two's efforts to break her, Number Six swears his revenge. He sets out on a campai... read more

It's Your Funeral
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1x11 It's Your Funeral aired Dec 08, 1967

Number Six uncovers a plot to assassinate Number Two. In the interest of avoiding reprisals against the community, he warns the Village administrator about i... read more

A Change of Mind
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1x12 A Change of Mind aired Dec 15, 1967

Number Six is stripped of his protective status when the Village committee declares him "unmutual." When he refuses to cooperate, he undergoes mental treatme... read more

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling
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1x13 Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling aired Dec 22, 1967

Number Six finally escapes the Village... in another man's body. The Village authorities need him to track down a rogue scientist. Now Number Six must convin... read more

Living in Harmony
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1x14 Living in Harmony aired Dec 29, 1967

Number 6 finds himself in a town from the American Old West. Unable to leave town, he has to take on the position of sheriff to protect a young woman, but re... read more

The Girl Who Was Death
awaiting 10 votes
1x15 The Girl Who Was Death aired Jan 19, 1968

In what may be a flashback, or an imaginary story, or a new ploy by the Village superiors, Number 6 is working as a secret agent to thwart Professor Schnipps... read more

Once Upon a Time
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1x16 Once Upon a Time aired Jan 26, 1968

it's a battle of wills when Number Two decides the only way to break Number Six is to enter into "Degree Absolute" with him. If Number Six triumphs, he will ... read more

Fall Out
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1x17 Fall Out aired Feb 02, 1968

Having triumphed against the Village and those set to defeat him, Number Six is brought into the presence of the Assembly and its President. Before meeting N... read more


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