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The Ricky Gervais Show Season 1

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Space Monkey
23 votes
1x01 Space Monkey aired Feb 20, 2010

Topics include Karl's take on population control, the first monkey in space, and paranormal activity (or "weird stuff... read more

Knob at Night
15 votes
1x02 Knob at Night aired Feb 27, 2010

Stephen shares a story about a Cambodian ring fight and an e-mail from a fan; Karl tries to avoid donating to chariti... read more

19 votes
1x03 Charity aired Mar 06, 2010

Adding to his wish list of improbable inventions, Karl offers up a serum that ages dead people backwards. Also up for... read more

14 votes
1x04 Dolphins aired Mar 13, 2010

Karl admits he's getting a face rub at a spa, but frets he'll end up getting an enema as well. Also: A discussion abo... read more

Glass Houses
15 votes
1x05 Glass Houses aired Mar 20, 2010

Karl answers questions from fans; Karl deciphers the true meaning of sayings; Karl’s New Year’s resolution; “Monkey N... read more

15 votes
1x06 Cobblers aired Mar 27, 2010

After receiving a fan letter asking what body part he could live without, Karl recalls when he tried to wash the dish... read more

The Diary
13 votes
1x07 The Diary aired Apr 10, 2010

Ricky and Stephen read passages from Karl's diary, which chronicles his daily observations, as well as profound thoug... read more

12 votes
1x08 Nuts aired Apr 17, 2010

A fan letter asks Karl: If he were on a sinking ship, and could only save either Ricky or Stephen, who would he choos... read more

The Jockey
14 votes
1x09 The Jockey aired Apr 24, 2010

More e-mail questions for Karl, such as: If Karl could talk to any animal, which would it be and what would he say? H... read more

The Fight
14 votes
1x10 The Fight aired May 01, 2010

Topics include: school curricula; physical altercations; human anatomy; whistling and happiness; birds and flight; Ka... read more

15 votes
1x11 Beetles aired May 08, 2010

A fan letter asks Karl to reveal the most romantic thing he's done for his girlfriend on Valentine's Day. Another fan... read more

15 votes
1x12 Noises aired May 15, 2010

Stephen asks Karl questions posed to guests on "Inside the Actors Studio, leading to a discussion of organ donation. ... read more

16 votes
1x13 Freaks aired May 22, 2010

Another question for Karl from "Inside the Actors Studio": "If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say whe... read more


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