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3rd Rock from the Sun

3rd Rock from the Sun

3rd Rock from the Sun (sometimes referred to as simply 3rd Rock) is an American sitcom that aired from 1996 to 2001 on NBC. The show is about four extraterrestrials who are on an expedition to Earth, which they consider to be the least important planet. (Earth is the "third rock from the sun.") The extraterrestrials pose as a human family in order to observe the behavior of human beings.

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aired Jan 09, 1996


Dmpstrbaby (Mar 15, 2015)

Rewatching this on Netflix right now!

berryally (Sep 10, 2012)

so underrated, and sincerely funny --- each cast member is a star.

Muscleduck (May 08, 2012)

I'm watching this sitcom now, hilarious!

vindalooo (Feb 14, 2012)

Agree, underrated!

Niesaanval (Jun 23, 2011)

One of the best sitcoms ever made.

*Looks in the mirror* Owww my god! I'm gorgeous!

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  • Premiered Jan 09, 1996
  • Genre Comedy, Science-Fiction
  • Country United States
  • Network NBC
  • Runtime 30 minutes
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