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Touched by an Angel Season 1

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1x01 The Southbound Bus aired Sep 21, 1994

Monica is promoted from search and rescue, and receives her first assignment from Tess. She is to help a boy whose mother ran away after her daughter died. M... read more

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1x02 Show Me the Way Home aired Sep 28, 1994

Monica substitutes at a school for the history teacher, and also becomes the assistant coach for the baseball team. A student on the baseball team needs help... read more

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1x03 Tough Love aired Oct 12, 1994

A famous journalist’s daughter takes a hard line regarding her drinking problem – but her granddaughter may pay the price.

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1x04 Fallen Angela aired Oct 19, 1994

Monica learns to overcome her fear of water when she moves next door to Angela Evans, an avid boater with a secretive past. Years ago during college, she su... read more

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1x05 Cassie's Choice aired Oct 26, 1994

A pregnant teen must decide what to do.

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1x06 The Heart of the Matter aired Nov 02, 1994

Monica must help a lawyer with an alleged heart condition and a quirky woman he inadvertently gave money to.

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1x07 An Unexpected Snow aired Dec 07, 1994

An accident occurs involving two women, Megan and Susana, who are dating the same man. The angels create a house on a deserted road, where the two friends, a... read more

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1x08 Manny aired Dec 14, 1994

The angels help with a social event for a well-known doctor, his wife, and his mother. A young child shows up at their home, claiming to be the child they ag... read more

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1x09 Fear Not! aired Dec 25, 1994

Monica must help Joey, who has a mental condition, deal with the fact that his friend Serena is dying from a heart condition. Serena was to be the angel at t... read more

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1x10 There, But For the Grace of God aired Feb 25, 1995

Monica is stripped of her angel powers to help a proud homeless man named Pete; she also becomes friends with Sophie and Zack. Monica realizes that she had b... read more

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1x11 The Hero aired Mar 04, 1995

Monica and Tess try to help a sheriff come to terms with his own past while trying to help his son not commit suicide.

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1x12 TBA airdate unknown

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