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Welcome To Paradox Season 1

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1x01 Our Lady of the Machine aired Aug 17, 1998

A police detective with intuitive powers is assigned an unusual case: a 3-D hologram of the holy Madonna is being used in an extortion scheme. But much to hi... read more

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1x02 Research Alpha aired Aug 24, 1998

A scientist bent on accelerating human evolution makes the mistake of using himself as a test subject.

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1x03 The Winner aired Aug 31, 1998

In a futuristic prison without bars, prisoners are controlled with pain-producing implants - until one prisoner fights back.

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1x04 News from D Street aired Sep 07, 1998

An inquiry agent (private detective) investigating the disappearance of an ordinary citizen discovers that both he and the man he is looking for are living i... read more

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1x05 The Girl Who Was Plugged In aired Sep 14, 1998

A homeless, suicidal woman gets a second chance when her brain is used as a remote controller of a beautiful body which has been artificially grown.

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1x06 The Extra aired Sep 21, 1998

A wealthy man clones himself in order to live in perpetual youth by transplanting his brain into younger versions of his own body.

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1x07 Alien Jane aired Sep 28, 1998

A young woman whose body can feel no pain tries to hold on to her humanity when she becomes a human guinea pig.

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1x08 Hemeac aired Oct 05, 1998

Hemeac is a student at a school run by machines. There the students learn to not only expand their mind with education but temper it with machine logic and p... read more

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1x09 All Our Sins Forgotten aired Oct 12, 1998

A therapist develops a device to erase the troubling memories of his patients.

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1x10 Acute Triangle aired Oct 19, 1998

A wealthy, but lonely man seeks solace from his failing marriage in the arms of a biologically enhanced robot

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1x11 Options aired Oct 26, 1998

When new biological procedures allow men and women to change gender at will, a wife undergoes the treatment to try and understand her husband's philandering ... read more

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1x12 Blue Champagne aired Nov 02, 1998

A man's fantasies come true when he begins a real life romance with a Virtual Reality megastar-until he realizes that his feelings no longer belong just to him. read more

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1x13 Into the Shop aired Nov 09, 1998

Lawagons, highly intelligent law enforcement automobiles, are the last line of defense against crime in Betaville. Howver, when the on-board computers start ... read more


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