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White Collar Season 1

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82 votes
1x01 Pilot aired Oct 24, 2009

FBI Agent Peter Burke takes an unconventional route in tracking down a ruthless and devious outlaw named "Dutchman". ... read more

68 votes
1x02 Threads aired Oct 31, 2009

Neal and Peter infiltrate New York's Fashion Week as they try to prevent an international criminal from selling sensi... read more

Book of Hours
60 votes
1x03 Book of Hours aired Nov 07, 2009

A New York mobster enlists the help of the FBI to recover a precious stolen Bible—a mission that tests Neal's loyalti... read more

Flip of the Coin
52 votes
1x04 Flip of the Coin aired Nov 14, 2009

Peter and Neal try to locate smuggled Iraqi artifacts where the lead suspect is a US soldier and an acquaintance of P... read more

The Portrait
58 votes
1x05 The Portrait aired Nov 21, 2009

Peter and Neal set up a sting to recover a valuable stolen portrait, but strain is put on their uneasy partnership wh... read more

All In
53 votes
1x06 All In aired Nov 28, 2009

Immersed in a dangerous case in Chinatown involving one of his aliases and a crafty Interpol agent, Neal is forced to... read more

Free Fall
55 votes
1x07 Free Fall aired Dec 05, 2009

Peter must determine if Neal's lying when Neal becomes a suspect in a jewelry heist. Meanwhile, Neal closes in on the... read more

Hard Sell
54 votes
1x08 Hard Sell aired Jan 20, 2010

Neal infiltrates a corrupt Wall Street brokerage firm and Peter must go undercover alongside him. Neal suspects Peter... read more

Bad Judgment
50 votes
1x09 Bad Judgment aired Jan 27, 2010

Peter and Neal discover a corrupt judge working with Fowler, and devise a plan to take them down. Meanwhile, Neal ask... read more

Vital Signs
51 votes
1x10 Vital Signs aired Feb 03, 2010

June is approached by a sketchy charity when her granddaughter is removed from the waiting list for a kidney transpla... read more

Home Invasion
49 votes
1x11 Home Invasion aired Feb 10, 2010

The FBI investigates a murder and a mysterious coded list and Neal catches up with Alex Hunter (Gloria Votsis), an ol... read more

49 votes
1x12 Bottlenecked aired Feb 24, 2010

When Neal is confronted by his blue-collar counterpart, he must revive a decades-old competition to create an impossi... read more

Front Man
47 votes
1x13 Front Man aired Mar 03, 2010

When trying to resolve a kidnapping, Neal is apprehended by an old friend and is forced to play his game to save the ... read more

Out of the Box
58 votes
1x14 Out of the Box aired Mar 10, 2010

After discovering the music box in Manhattan, Neal and his friends plan a party heist to steal it. Things come to a h... read more


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