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Terriers, from Creator/Executive Producer Ted Griffin (Ocean's Eleven) and Executive Producer Shawn Ryan (The Shield), is a comedic drama starring Donal Logue (The Tao of Steve, Damages) and Michael Raymond-James (True Blood). It centers on "Hank Dolworth" (Logue), an ex-cop who partners with his best friend "Britt Pollack" (Raymond-James) to launch an unlicensed private investigation business. As Hank and Britt struggle with maturity issues, the duo solve crimes while avoiding professional dangers and personal responsibilities. Craig Brewer (Hustle and Flow, The Shield) directed the pilot episode.

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aired Sep 09, 2010


oranges (May 27, 2011)

@ColeFrost Thanks for the interesting reply :D
What a fantastic and telling but silly reason for something to Fail.

I don't want to contribute to overselling this to you or anyone else so I want to detail my thoughts on it a little more.

I find that the characters are great and it moves along perfectly and the plot is solid and it's fun and all, but I can't say to myself "I really like this show" (yet) for some reason.
On the positive hand again though, if i were to list good shows on paper, and organise them from best to worst iterating somewhat methodically- this would rise up and up for sure.

EDIT: Good show! Wish I could have more.

ColeFrost (May 26, 2011)


Many think it was cancelled because of its name. People think of dogs when they see the name and never bothered to tune in. Some suggested that they re-release the show under a new name and see what happens then.

I actually am planning to watch this as well. I'm not sure when I will get around to it, but I think it is worth the effort, from what I have heard.

oranges (May 26, 2011)

I started watching this even though it's cancelled because it seemed to be worthwhile.
I'm only 5 episodes in and I'm enjoying it a lot - good call :)

This is the kind of TV where I really don't get how it fails. Seems to me like an all rounder. There is no convoluted serial plots. No hard to get laughs. Just quality entertainment that I would of thought was perfect for the masses.

I hope Shawn Ryan doesn't give up or something.

SqiBotwin (Mar 20, 2011)

Another great show canceled :(

Inigo (Mar 19, 2011)

The show that makes me hate the American public for not watching it. Hank and Britt, you are sorely missed.

audio (Jan 23, 2011)

Canceled? Really? Oh, man... These channels have no clue. :\

NicolasVH (Jan 13, 2011)

Great show. It got a decent ending, so you won't get a Jericho feeling after watching the 13 episodes.

Kiekebanus (Dec 10, 2010)

@Jakurdo Just listened it 3 times in a row. Great song indeed!

Jakurdo (Dec 09, 2010)

@Kiekebanus Btw, you can listen to the soundtrack of the show here:

The title track, Gunfight Epiphany, is just awesome

Jakurdo (Dec 06, 2010)

@Kiekebanus Just read it, yeah. Such a shame :(

Kiekebanus (Dec 06, 2010)

@Jakurdo I liked it too, unfortunately the show is cancelled. :(

Jakurdo (Dec 02, 2010)

Pretty amazing first season, hope they'll return with a second season. Didn't expect much of it at first, watched it because I like the 2 actors who play the lead roles (Donal Logue & Michael Raymond-James). But it was a pretty constant good show, and got great towards the end of the season. Definitely one of my favorite new shows this season. It didn't get much attention I think, certainly not outside the US, but it deserves to be watched in my opinion.

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  • Premiered Sep 08, 2010
  • Genre Drama
  • Country United States
  • Network FX
  • Runtime 60 minutes
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