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Lights Out (2011) Season 1

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14 votes
1x01 Pilot aired Jan 12, 2011

Former heavyweight boxing champion Patrick "Lights" Leary (Holt McCallany) struggles to find his identity after retiring from the sport. He also wonders how ... read more

15 votes
1x02 Cakewalk aired Jan 19, 2011

When Leary is threatened with criminal charges, he must do the bidding of loan shark, Hal Brennan (Bill Irwin) to make them go away. Leary is also being coy ... read more

The Shot
15 votes
1x03 The Shot aired Jan 26, 2011

Lights helps Omar train for the middleweight championship while his family makes him a memory book for his 40th birthday. Promoter wants one thing from Light... read more

Bolo Punch
15 votes
1x04 Bolo Punch aired Feb 02, 2011

Johnny gets himself into a life-threatening bind, and Lights may have to put himself on the line to bail his brother out.

The Comeback
17 votes
1x05 The Comeback aired Feb 09, 2011

As the Learys' financial situation turns more desperate, the aftershocks threaten Lights' and Theresa's marriage.

16 votes
1x06 Combinations aired Feb 16, 2011

Lights prepares for his first fight in five years, while dealing with the heartbreak of being away from his family.

17 votes
1x07 Crossroads aired Feb 23, 2011

Lights, at a crossroad, attempts a difficult comeback both in the ring, and in his home.

Head Games
19 votes
1x08 Head Games aired Mar 02, 2011

When his father decides not to train him because he doesn't think he's capable of fighting at a professional level anymore, Lights turns to Ed Romeo, Reynold... read more

19 votes
1x09 Infight aired Mar 09, 2011

Lights alliance to Ed Romeo, his new boxing mentor comes between him and his family. Lights feels controlled by him and decides to free himself of his eccent... read more

Cut Men
21 votes
1x10 Cut Men aired Mar 16, 2011

An injury puts Lights' comeback, his health, and even Theresa's medical career, in jeopardy.

23 votes
1x11 Rainmaker aired Mar 23, 2011

The package Lights delivered for Hal Brennan comes back to haunt him when a politician tied to Brennan gets caught up in a prostitution scandal. Meanwhile, L... read more

Sucker Punch
23 votes
1x12 Sucker Punch aired Mar 30, 2011

The word on the street is that Lights is going to throw the Reynolds fight, though it's news to Lights. Meanwhile, Lights gets a surprise visitor: his mother... read more

27 votes
1x13 War aired Apr 06, 2011

Lights finally faces off with "Death Row" Reynolds for the heavyweight title. Before the big fight, Hal Brennan gathers all the former champs that have been ... read more


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