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Thundercats (2011)

Thundercats (2011)

A new take on the original 1980s animated series, combining fantasy with science as the heroes and villains on the show fight for the Stones of Power.

The ThunderCats are on the move! After the kingdom of Thundera is attacked by the lizard people, Lion-O leads Tygra, Cheetara and the other heroes on a quest for the Book of Omens and the magic stones of legend. But he'll have to face villains like Mumm-Ra, the ancient evil sorcerer, and Slithe, the dangerous lizard general. Luckily, he has the Sword of Omens and its amazing powers at his disposal. ThunderCats, ho!

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1x01 Omens (1)
aired Jul 30, 2011


WhiteSenji (Jul 07, 2012)

please provide source b0sse

b0sse (Jun 16, 2012)

Show has been cancelled. Ep26 last one.
At least that's what I hear from IGN.

WhiteSenji (May 09, 2012)

Anyone got something similar to recommend (Non-anime)? i've seen avatars already :/

josbeir (Apr 25, 2012)

saw the first episode on youtube and like it already. reminds me a bit of avatar... look alike artwork etc

hempo22 (Mar 10, 2012)

Episode 14 will air March 24th!

diprivan (Oct 31, 2011)

Only a break.

b0sse (Oct 05, 2011)

Was this cancelled or is it only on a break?

linker (Sep 06, 2011)

Pretty cool remake of an old cartoon!

b0sse (Aug 02, 2011)

The first 2 episodes was nice :D
Definitely keeping up with this.

Amnestia (Jul 31, 2011)

The heroes of my childhood, yay!

starspike (Jul 29, 2011)

Checking this one out!

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  • Premiered Jul 29, 2011
  • Genre Action, Animation General, Adventure, Animation
  • Country United States
  • Network Cartoon Network
  • Runtime 30 minutes
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