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House of Lies Season 1

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Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments
112 votes
1x01 Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments aired Jan 09, 2012

Marty and The Pod travel to New York to consult for MetroCapital, a bank looking for a plan to unscrupulously justify... read more

109 votes
1x02 Amsterdam aired Jan 16, 2012

Marty and The Pod are sent to Phoenix to clean up a mess at a very powerful sports franchise caused by the impending ... read more

94 votes
1x03 Microphallus aired Jan 23, 2012

Marty arrives at the offices to find Greg Norbert there to announce the possible acquisition of Galweather by MetroCa... read more

88 votes
1x04 Mini-Mogul aired Jan 30, 2012

With Jeremiah out of town, Marty is forced to bring his son Roscoe to his next job in San Francisco; hoping for some ... read more

86 votes
1x05 Utah aired Feb 06, 2012

On a consulting gig in Utah, Jeannie is put in charge when it becomes clear that the racist CEO of a no-frills motel ... read more

Our Descent Into Los Angeles
90 votes
1x06 Our Descent Into Los Angeles aired Feb 13, 2012

Marty goes to war with his son's school when Roscoe is accused of sexual harassment for trying to kiss a boy. On the ... read more

Bareback Town
86 votes
1x07 Bareback Town aired Feb 20, 2012

When the Pod goes to Washington D.C. to consult for a pharmaceutical company, Marty faces a challenge from April to s... read more

95 votes
1x08 Veritas aired Mar 05, 2012

Marty and the Pod participate in Galweather-Stearn's annual recruiting event, where the best and brightest from Harva... read more

89 votes
1x09 Ouroboros aired Mar 12, 2012

Marty and the Pod are put through the ringer by their arch-rival firm Kinsley-Johnson as part of the due diligence pe... read more

Prologue and Aftermath
86 votes
1x10 Prologue and Aftermath aired Mar 19, 2012

Jeannie embarks on a gig to establish her own legend in the consulting world when she leads the Pod to her hometown o... read more

76 votes
1x11 Business aired Mar 26, 2012

Marty and "The Rainmaker" work together to put the kibosh on their firm's acquisition by MetroCapital but a back-stab... read more

The Mayan Apocalypse
82 votes
1x12 The Mayan Apocalypse aired Apr 02, 2012

With the help of Greg Norbert, Marty and the Pod fight to pull off an eleventh-hour reprieve and stop the MetroCapita... read more


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