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Remember the fairy tales your parents used to tell you before bedtime? Well, those weren't stories, they were warnings.

Detective Nick Burkhardt thought he was ready for the grim reality of working homicide in Portland, Oregon. That is, until he started to see things... things he couldn't quite explain. Like a gorgeous woman suddenly transforming into a hideous hag, or an average Joe turning into a vicious troll. Then, after a panicked visit from his only living relative, Nick discovers the truth about his visions: he's not like everyone else, he's a descendant of an elite group of hunters known as "Grimms" who are charged with stopping the proliferation of supernatural creatures in the world. And so begins his new life journey - albeit a reluctant one at first - as he solves crimes with his partner who knows something about Nick has radically changed but can't quite put his finger on it. Along the way, Nick finds himself unexpectedly getting help on some of the more difficult cases from Monroe, a guy who seems normal at first but is soon revealed to be what you might call a "big bad wolf." Literally!

While the Brothers Grimm wrote fairy tales that children have adored for generations, imagine if the villains were real, and Nick was the only one who could stop them.

From executive producers David Greenwalt (Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Jim Kouf (Angel, National Treasure) comes a new world of police work where all cases have a storybook connection... but not always happily ever after.

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aired Oct 29, 2011


theondeju (Oct 21, 2017)

If you are looking for complex characters, turn back. I am sorry, but most of the personas are repetitive, lack consideration for other's emotions and clueless about so many things.

I tried watching this show, and for Monroe and Rosalee I survived to half of 2nd season. I did read a bit more into spoilers and I just can't understand how forgiving some characters are. I guess this show just isn't for me.

theondeju (Oct 21, 2017)

@mistlel the only thing that made me survive the first 2 seasons

Foaman (Apr 16, 2017)

Will forever miss this show and it's fantastic cast..

b0sse (Apr 09, 2017)

The series finale was soooooo bad.

Foaman (May 22, 2016)

Most underrated series ever, freaking LOVE it.

uziasz (May 19, 2015)

First seasons were average but 4th one was brilliant. Underrated series for sure.

JackAhrairah (May 16, 2015)

One of the most underrated series around.

Astinus (Nov 22, 2014)

They should stop bothering with the Adalind crap. I really doubt anyone cares.

DonGari (May 24, 2014)

I can't believe that Teen wolf has higher mark than this show...

ardavies (Feb 25, 2014)

This show is getting really good now.

I have a handful of shows I religiously watch, and this is one of them.

LaurensV (May 10, 2013)

I don't understand why this only gets a 3.3. This show is very very nice with a great storyline!

killmotion (Apr 26, 2013)

Renewed for a 3rd season. rder-special-victims-unit-chicago-fire-grimm-and-parenthood

lois (Mar 24, 2013)

@az25 English is like the easiest language on Earth. I like the way it sounds. I like 'Grimm' too.

az25 (Mar 23, 2013)

@lois i think nbc is trying a "absence makes the heart grow fonder" type approach.

@artifex not that english is any better either lol. english is the worst... just awful.

lois (Feb 01, 2013)

Next episode March 2013?!

Artifex (Jul 15, 2012)

@nelladarren Simple. It's a sci-fi. The german they seem to use isn't normal german but sounds more like old germanic, really old. You can't compare that to modern day German! And besides, German is a terrible language anyway. Not that my native language (Dutch) is any better, mind you.

Artifex (Jul 15, 2012)

@Tuser Just started on episode 3, I will watch the whole full season because of your comment. Don't let me down, grimm!

Tuser (Jun 02, 2012)

First 5-6 episodes are kinda repititve, but once the main story line develops, it really is an awesome show!

mistlel (May 19, 2012)

watched it only for Monroe.

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  • Premiered Oct 28, 2011
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