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Person of Interest Season 1

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278 votes
1x01 Pilot aired Sep 23, 2011

When the social security number of a young prosecutor comes up, Reese and Finch work together to figure out if their person of interest is the victim or perp... read more

256 votes
1x02 Ghosts aired Sep 30, 2011

Reese and Finch question the machine's reliability when they are asked to investigate a teenager who was killed years earlier; Finch remembers the origin of ... read more

Mission Creep
243 votes
1x03 Mission Creep aired Oct 07, 2011

When the Machine directs Reese and Finch to a former Marine with shady connections to a crime ring, Reese must infiltrate the gang, taking part in their heis... read more

Cura Te Ipsum
232 votes
1x04 Cura Te Ipsum aired Oct 14, 2011

Dr. Megan Tillman, a workaholic ER physician, comes up on the Machine. While Reese and Finch watch her, Fusco has to deal with a drug cartel that wants their... read more

234 votes
1x05 Judgement aired Oct 21, 2011

When the Machine produces the social security number of a judge renowned for his tough sentencing, Reese and Finch have the added challenge of investigating ... read more

The Fix
223 votes
1x06 The Fix aired Oct 28, 2011

Reese needs to get close to a secretive woman of uncertain occupation when her number comes up. Meanwhile, Carter investigates a murder tied to the evidence ... read more

234 votes
1x07 Witness aired Nov 04, 2011

Reese and Finch hurry to save a schoolteacher who witnessed a mob hit. Meanwhile, Carter and Fusco pursue the mysterious Carl Elias, who is implicated in the... read more

224 votes
1x08 Foe aired Nov 18, 2011

A Cold War assassin goes after the members of his former team, and Reese and Finch try to stop him. Meanwhile, Fusco attempts to convince Carter that her sho... read more

Get Carter
230 votes
1x09 Get Carter aired Dec 09, 2011

The Machine gives Reese and Finch Carter's number, and they are forced to deal with a number of suspects when they realize that crimelord Carl Elias has hire... read more

Number Crunch
226 votes
1x10 Number Crunch aired Dec 16, 2011

The Machine gives Reese and Finch four new numbers. Meanwhile, IA investigates Carter for her involvement with the mystery man, and the CIA tells her that th... read more

226 votes
1x11 Super aired Jan 13, 2012

Reese works the computer while Finch does the legwork with their latest POI, a building super who keeps too close an eye on his tenants. Meanwhile, Detective... read more

223 votes
1x12 Legacy aired Jan 20, 2012

When Carter finally comes face-to-face with Reese, he urges her to join forces to help with their latest POI, a scrappy young woman from the wrong side of th... read more

Root Cause
232 votes
1x13 Root Cause aired Feb 03, 2012

The Machine gives Reese and Finch the number of a down-and-out man who has been pushed too far, and they're forced to turn to former Person of Interest Zoe M... read more

Wolf and Cub
221 votes
1x14 Wolf and Cub aired Feb 10, 2012

The Machine identifies Darren, a teenager whose brother was just murdered, as the next POI. Meanwhile, Finch is growing concerned that the son of his former ... read more

Blue Code
222 votes
1x15 Blue Code aired Feb 17, 2012

Reese discovers there’s more to the story after he infiltrates a smuggling ring to get close to his latest POI.

221 votes
1x16 Risk aired Feb 24, 2012

The Machine leads Reese and Finch to Wall Street when a sharp young trader at a major investment bank becomes embroiled in a multi-million dollar financial s... read more

Baby Blue
233 votes
1x17 Baby Blue aired Mar 09, 2012

When The Machine spits out the number of a 6-month-old baby, Reese and Finch turn into overly protective parents – with an arsenal at their disposal. Meanwhi... read more

Identity Crisis
219 votes
1x18 Identity Crisis aired Mar 30, 2012

The Machine's latest number presents a unique challenge for Reese and Finch since the person has virtually no digital footprint - and appears to be leading a... read more

Flesh and Blood
216 votes
1x19 Flesh and Blood aired Apr 06, 2012

When The Machine spits out five numbers, naming the Don of each of New York’s crime families, Reese and Finch suspect Elias is planning to eliminate his comp... read more

Matsya Nyaya
211 votes
1x20 Matsya Nyaya aired Apr 27, 2012

Reese's newest number is an armored car hopper and Reese goes undercover as his guard to protect the man. Meanwhile, Snow warns Carter to avoid the FBI while... read more

Many Happy Returns
214 votes
1x21 Many Happy Returns aired May 04, 2012

Finch tries to keep Reese off of a case by giving him his birthday off, but Reese soon learns about it anyway and realizes it related to a personal incident ... read more

No Good Deed
214 votes
1x22 No Good Deed aired May 11, 2012

The new Number is a security analyst who has uncovered something that the government wants to remain a secret: the existence of the Machine. Meanwhile, Reese... read more

237 votes
1x23 Firewall aired May 18, 2012

As the clock ticks down, Reese winds up trapped with his POI in the most heavily surveilled part of the city, forced to rely on the help of Finch, Carter and... read more


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