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The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle

Cassie Blake was a happy, normal teenage girl - until her mother Amelia dies in what appears to be a tragic accidental fire. Orphaned and deeply saddened, Cassie moves in with her warm and loving grandmother Jane in the beautiful small town of Chance Harbor, Washington - the town her mother left so many years before - where the residents seem to know more about Cassie than she does about herself. As Cassie gets to know her high school classmates, including sweet-natured Diana and her handsome boyfriend Adam, brooding loner Nick, mean-girl Faye and her sidekick Melissa, strange and frightening things begin to happen. When her new friends explain that they are all descended from powerful witches, and they've been waiting for Cassie to join them and complete a new generation of the Secret Circle, Cassie refuses to believe them - until Adam shows her how to unlock her incredible magical powers. But it's not until Cassie discovers a message from her mother in an old leather-bound book of spells hidden in her mother's childhood bedroom, that she understands her true and dangerous destiny. What Cassie and the others don't yet know is that darker powers are at play, powers that might be linked to the adults in the town, including Diana's father and Faye's mother - and that Cassie's mother's death might not have been an accident.

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1x01 Pilot
aired Sep 16, 2011


CrimsonLips (Oct 02, 2014)

Still worth watching, even with knowledge that it's cancelled :P
But I wanted so badly to see the faces of the 4 at the end :(

josbeir (Aug 20, 2012)

@otten224 idd

otten224 (Jul 10, 2012)

Oooh come on! Why the fuck do they do that?!

WhiteSenji (Jun 07, 2012)

So much putting faith in American TV industry again, when something good comes they cut it out so they can make up some casual shit like NCIS, CSI and other non-linear shows. Not saying upcoming Arrow is bad, its probably great, but still after such Cliffhanger on Secret Circle i'm very dissapointed

ColorMeBlind (May 16, 2012)

Sadly this show was canceled too... It had potential! Plus, i kind of liked Cassie's dad, haha. oh well.. :-(

TheJWoman (May 13, 2012)

the start was okay, but it wad getting worse with each episode. I've just wasted my time. Great.

Yasmine (May 12, 2012)

Too bad :(

Eline (May 12, 2012)

Why? I was enjoying this...

marja (May 12, 2012)

Sad news, especially after such a promising finale :/

renatinharj (May 11, 2012)

Cancelled :(

alexisdhondt (Mar 08, 2012)

slow beginning, story line goes well now. Hope that they'll not f*ck this up

koffev3 (Jan 21, 2012)

ep 12 was the best so far. Hope they can keep this pace up!

guiloko (Oct 06, 2011)

@Foirzie I agree with you, but I still liking the show

Foirzie (Oct 03, 2011)

I stopped watching, I get the feel this is made for a younger audience.

Kessie (Sep 24, 2011)

The book was a bit better, but we will see :)

TheOnlyNormal1 (Sep 24, 2011)

it's got potential

Ladybird (Sep 20, 2011)

good pilot! liked it!

guiloko (Sep 19, 2011)

i liked it!

sethummer (Sep 18, 2011)

it was okay! even more than okay for the pilot!

Bv202 (Sep 16, 2011)

Watched the pilot, crap...

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  • Premiered Sep 15, 2011
  • Genre Fantasy, Drama, Horror
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  • Runtime 60 minutes
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