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Storage Hunters Season 1

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1x00 Pilot aired Jan 19, 2011

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1x01 Bloody Battle aired Jun 22, 2011

Competition boils over when bitter rivals Brandon and Jesse throw down over a storage unit containing an amazing movi... read more

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1x02 Cash Wars aired Jun 22, 2011

Brandon and Lori go to war over a record producer's storage unit and unearth what could be a priceless piece of rock ... read more

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1x03 Brawlin' on the Bayou aired Jun 29, 2011

Brandon and Lori look to cash in on their first big trip to New Orleans, but the locals are hungering for a fight. Th... read more

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1x04 Rednecks & Riches aired Jul 06, 2011

Back on the bayou, the buyers are ready to crack open the abandoned lockers and throw down some serious cash. Local l... read more

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1x05 Gamblin' Gods aired Jul 13, 2011

The buyers press their luck in Sin City where Brandon and Lori get outfoxed by a group of locals with a questionable ... read more

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1x06 Disaster Strikes aired Jul 20, 2011

Jesse taunts Brandon and Lori in the hopes of instigating a fight and later unearths a ticking treasure. Then, season... read more

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1x07 Boston's Bad Blood aired Jul 27, 2011

Brandon and Lori return to Boston and square off against his former protégé Wade. The bad blood may just erupt into a... read more

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1x08 Score of the Century aired Aug 03, 2011

The score of a lifetime is hidden in the back of what already appears to be a great locker, but when the bidding heat... read more

Old Rivals, New Wars
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1x09 Old Rivals, New Wars aired Nov 16, 2011

Old rivals unite when Brandon and Jesse are faced with the unthinkable: join forces or stand alone to gamble on a onc... read more

Cash Dash
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1x10 Cash Dash aired Nov 23, 2011

The competition heats up as Brandon and Lori find themselves in an all out bidding war with the tough-talking Taylor ... read more

Medieval Melee
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1x11 Medieval Melee aired Nov 30, 2011

Our buyers go to war to win a locker packed with valuable vintage surf gear. read more

Dirty Deeds, Dirtier Dealings
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1x12 Dirty Deeds, Dirtier Dealings aired Dec 14, 2011

Our buyers throw down to score a locker packed with rare movie memorabilia. read more

Dirty Gold Rush
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1x13 Dirty Gold Rush aired Dec 21, 2011

Our buyers lock horns to win a unit packed with valuable construction equipment. Then, Brandon and Lori spot somethin... read more

Native Wars
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1x14 Native Wars aired Dec 28, 2011

Minds are blown when two of our buyers team up for a major score. read more

Smoking Hot
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1x15 Smoking Hot aired Jan 04, 2012

Jesse and Brandon get in a spirited bidding war after one of them spots a hidden treasure; a savvy newbie enters the ... read more

Triple X
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1x16 Triple X aired Jan 11, 2012

Our Buyers bid big to win a locker packed with what looks like rare art, but will the winner walk away with cash or c... read more

Built for Speed
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1x17 Built for Speed aired Jan 18, 2012

Our buyer go head-to-head to score an item that appears to be a covered car. But when the tarp is pulled back, will ... read more

Buyer Beware
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1x18 Buyer Beware aired Jan 25, 2012

Bids on a covered car are driven up; Dan dings Jesse for a locker loaded with pricey tools, but the latter bounces ba... read more

Fishing for Trouble
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1x19 Fishing for Trouble aired Feb 01, 2011

A locker full of fishing gear spearheads a bidding war that leaves the winner with a quite a catch; Lori has a run-in... read more

All Out War
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1x20 All Out War aired Feb 08, 2012

Our buyers throw down to win a locker packed with recreational equipment and what looks like a hidden tractor. But w... read more

Judgement Day
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1x21 Judgement Day aired Feb 15, 2012

Our buyers throw down to win a locker packed with recreational equipment and what looks like a hidden tractor. But w... read more


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