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Trashopolis Season 1

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1x01 New York aired Sep 03, 2010

The year is 43 AD. A Roman outpost on the banks of the Thames River, called Londinium, is rapidly expanding. Roman builders use trash to support the docks of... read more

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1x02 Cairo aired Sep 10, 2010

When the Dutch buy Manhattan, the island is a swampy marsh. But trash, and enormous mounds of giant oyster shells, help build the New Amsterdam Seaport into ... read more

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1x03 Paris aired Sep 17, 2010

When the walls of the city's largest cemetery collapse, decomposing bodies tumble out - and six thousand corpses are moved into the tunnels of the catacombs.... read more

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1x04 Rome aired Sep 24, 2010

Roman Emperors reflect the power and the glory of the Empire in their monuments, temples, fountains and aqueducts. Demons lurk below the public toilets. Slav... read more

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1x05 London aired Oct 01, 2010

Cairo's Zabaleen – the traditional garbage people - collect the city's trash by hand and haul it home on donkey drawn carts. Vast slums in the heart of the c... read more


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