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Metal Hurlant Chronicles Season 1

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King's Crown
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1x01 King's Crown aired Oct 27, 2012

In an alternate universe, a tournament is held, to determine the successor sovereign. The fighting takes place under the eyes of the king robot.

Shelter Me
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1x02 Shelter Me aired Oct 27, 2012

A woman regains consciousness in a bomb shelter. Her only companion, a man, tells her that the end of the world just happened.

Red Light / Cold Hard Facts
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1x03 Red Light / Cold Hard Facts aired Oct 27, 2012

A man tries to escape from a prison located on a distant planet. In 2312, scientists discovered a cryogenically frozen man of the twentieth century.

Three on a Match
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1x04 Three on a Match aired Nov 03, 2012

Three survivors on a sinking spaceship, competing for scarce oxygen supply on their rescue shuttle whose hull is damaged.

Master of Destiny
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1x05 Master of Destiny aired Nov 03, 2012

Two mercenaries are found on the planet Masters of Doom, which, according to legend, know the date of death of all living beings.

Pledge of Anya
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1x06 Pledge of Anya aired Nov 03, 2012

A demon has escaped and is about to surface in humans. A warrior is sent to the world of mortals.


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