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Red vs. Blue Season 1

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1x00 The Cast airdate unknown

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Why Are We Here?
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1x01 Why Are We Here? aired Apr 01, 2003

The first episode introduces five of the series' main characters. First introduced are Simmons and Grif as they ponde... read more

Red Gets a Delivery
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1x02 Red Gets a Delivery aired Apr 20, 2003

Sarge reveals the new jeep that has just arrived from Command and that a new recruit will be arriving soon. This serv... read more

The Rookies
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1x03 The Rookies aired Apr 27, 2003

At the Red Base, the new recruit, Donut, arrives. With Sarge at Command receiving orders, Grif and Simmons take the o... read more

Head Noob in Charge
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1x04 Head Noob in Charge aired Apr 27, 2003

Church talks with Tucker about his girlfriend back home. Attempting to join the conversation, Caboose accidentally ca... read more

The Package is in the Open
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1x05 The Package is in the Open aired Apr 27, 2003

As Donut, who the Blues assume is Sarge (as both wear red armor), escapes with the flag, Church fires at him with a s... read more

1.21 Giga-Whats??
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1x06 1.21 Giga-Whats?? aired Apr 27, 2003

Church catches up to Donut, who he eventually realizes is not Sarge. His armor charred black, Tucker finally emerges ... read more

Check Out the Treads on that Chick
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1x07 Check Out the Treads on that Chick aired Apr 27, 2003

While Church and Tucker lament their current situation, Caboose hops into the tank. The tank's artificial intelligenc... read more

Dont PH34R the Reaper
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1x08 Dont PH34R the Reaper aired Apr 27, 2003

Grif and Simmons flee from Caboose and Sheila; Grif abandoning Simmons after he had hatched a plan for a joint escape... read more

After Church
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1x09 After Church aired Apr 27, 2003

Caboose and Sheila continue to blast away at the Warthog, eventually propelling it onto the top of the Red Base. The ... read more

Shadow Of His Former Self
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1x10 Shadow Of His Former Self aired Apr 27, 2003

While Caboose cleans the "black stuff" off of Tucker's armor, Tucker calls Blue Command for reinforcements. Vic, thei... read more

Knock Knock. Who's There? Pain
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1x11 Knock Knock. Who's There? Pain aired Apr 27, 2003

Lopez repairs the Warthog, while Grif takes the blame for its destruction. Meanwhile, at the Blue Base, Tex uses Cabo... read more

Down, But Not Out
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1x12 Down, But Not Out aired Apr 27, 2003

Having knocked out Grif and Simmons after attacking Donut, Tex retrieves the Blue flag, but is surprised and captured... read more

Human Peer Bonding
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1x13 Human Peer Bonding aired Apr 27, 2003

Church tells Tucker and Caboose that Tex is not only female, but also his ex-girlfriend. Simmons and Grif are left to... read more

Roomier Than It Looks
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1x14 Roomier Than It Looks aired Apr 27, 2003

To distract the Reds and deceive them into believing that the Blues have more Special Operations soldiers, Tucker and... read more

How The Other Half Lives
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1x15 How The Other Half Lives aired Apr 27, 2003

Now both dead, Sarge and Church meet in the spiritual plane and talk. Sheila also appears here, but is quickly rebuke... read more

A Sightly Crueller Cruller
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1x16 A Sightly Crueller Cruller aired Apr 27, 2003

A healed Donut returns from Red Command with new pink armor, which he insists is "lightish red". Sarge pokes fun at D... read more

Points of Origin
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1x17 Points of Origin aired Apr 27, 2003

Tucker, Caboose, and Church convince Tex to help them, since they rescued her as a favor. Meanwhile, the Red Team is ... read more

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1x18 SPF 0 aired Apr 27, 2003

The Blues continue to discuss what to do with Church's corpse. After an interlude demonstrating the Reds' boredom, th... read more

Last One Out, Hit The Lights
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1x19 Last One Out, Hit The Lights aired Sep 28, 2003

Church possesses Lopez's body to warn the Red Team, but finds that he can only speak Spanish. Caboose radios Church t... read more


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