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Against the Wind Season 1

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The Seeds of Fire
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1x01 The Seeds of Fire aired Sep 12, 1978

Mary and her boyfriend Michael are harrassed by British soldiers while out walking. In repsonse to the troops taking ... read more

The Wild Geese
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1x02 The Wild Geese aired Sep 12, 1978

Mary is onboard a convict transport ship on route to Australia and Polly, a streetwise convict in charge, makes Mary ... read more

A Question of Guilt
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1x03 A Question of Guilt aired Sep 19, 1978

A concerned Doctor ensures that Mary is given a good chance in the colony by being assigned to Captain Wiltshire. He ... read more

The Flogging Parson
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1x04 The Flogging Parson aired Sep 19, 1978

The men are forced to work very hard at their labour. Jonathan befriends a wiley fellow convict Dinny O'Byrne. read more

An Agreement Between Officers and Others
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1x05 An Agreement Between Officers and Others aired Sep 26, 1978

Mary meets up again with Polly, a fellow captive on the long sea voyage to the colony, who now works at the local inn... read more

A House on the Hill
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1x06 A House on the Hill aired Oct 03, 1978

Mary, who had originally planned to return to Ireland, decideds to stay in the Colony and marry Jonathan after seeing... read more

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1x07 The Tree of Liberty aired Oct 10, 1978

Work on the land is hard and there is talk of an uprising among the convicts and Jonathan, against Mary's will, wants... read more

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1x08 When Kings Go Forth to Battle aired Oct 17, 1978

The uprising has begun but the convicts are tricked and betrayed. The British troops are too powerful and the uprisin... read more

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1x09 The Farmer's Friend aired Oct 17, 1978

Dinny, although wounded, escapes the slaughter and hides at Jonathan's house. Meanwhile, their old adversary, Ensign ... read more

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1x10 A Matter of Life and Death aired Oct 24, 1978

Dinny finds an Aboriginal wife and, as he is a wanted man, has to live rough in the bush with her. Mary gives birth t... read more

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1x11 The Spirit of Enterprise aired Oct 24, 1978

Crops are bad at Jonathan's farm and the military want to take advantage of this and buy the crops off his farm from ... read more

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1x12 The Whip Hand aired Oct 31, 1978

Jonathan and Will, Polly's husband, start their own illegal distillery. But when this is discovered , Will is fiercel... read more

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1x13 The Windfall Summer aired Oct 10, 1978

Ensign Greville uses Mrs Wiltshire's affection for him to gain power in the Colony. Jonathan is sentenced to 6 months... read more


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