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A new earth was created thanks to alien terra-forming technology. On this new planet, humans and aliens must learn to live together.

The show will be launched simultaneously with the MMO game of the same name manufactured by Trion.

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1x01 Pilot
aired Apr 16, 2013


CrimsonLips (Feb 06, 2016)

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! They were finally going to be together T.T

Quetzalma (Oct 19, 2015)

Sad that its cancelled, but at least we got a semi-decent ending, they could have left us in a cliff-hanger, but at least with this we got some sort of conclusion to the story.

Quetzalma (Aug 29, 2015)

please don't be the end.. :'(

Dmpstrbaby (Jun 21, 2014)

Holyshit! A sci-fi western that didn't get cancel after the first season!!

WhiteSenji (Aug 08, 2013)

@Shadowfox So much for your prediction

Shadowfox (Jun 04, 2013)

Personally, I'm interested in the Universe, but the show itself isn't really good.
They definatly need better writers, otherwise I see this show getting cancelled sooner rather than later.

WhiteSenji (May 06, 2013)

@az25 I just did say i found it refreshing and thats why i think its great. Plus to that i found cast and costumes really good

Artifex (May 05, 2013)

@emonquente Well, you certainly understand your own opinion and are able to express it perfectly. I respect that! I say your whole explanation on your profile about the magic in sci-fi, by the way, which is an interesting topic that I discussed a couple of times with a friend of mine (@kompaan). In short: I appreciate your comprehensive arguments

az25 (May 04, 2013)

@WhiteSenji Ok. I just asked a simple question for your side of things... I haven't watched this, so I wasn't passing any opinion on this show, as you can see. All you're doing is exactly what you just said. Instead of telling us why you believe in this show, you're telling us we're idiots. Talk about actual substance, man. Come on. Like is there a character you find endearing? A plot line that you think has potential to be great? If you give actual reasons for why you enjoy something, people will be so much more receptive to your opinion. instead, you're choosing to be dismissive and rude.

WhiteSenji (May 04, 2013)

@az25, people like you never change their opinions, your lost cause, i won't bother my time to prove your wrong. I find Defiance refreshing using new ideas and concepts. You can pick every Brand, Music, Movie, Tv-series and compare it to X. But in the end of the day its waste, this show doesn't try to be fucking Firefly, it stands as its own series, so people could start pulling their head out of their asses and review things without comparing it to X.

navinpais (May 03, 2013)

@emonquente my sincere apologies for having better standards.

Kompaan (May 02, 2013)

I don't know what anyone is complaining about just yet.

I think it's going to be a good sci-fi. The concept is great, it's only up to the writers to come up with a strong storyline. That's something which can't be seen from only 2 episodes and a pilot.

emonquente (May 02, 2013)

@Artifex I'd love to say that wasn't what I meant -- and I can say that I certainly don't think it is the ONLY reason (though my message may have implied or even stated otherwise in a moment of hyperbole) -- but honestly? the people I have spoken to, present company excluded apparently, never heard of it before it developed its cult following, and liked it precisely because they were a bunch of hipsters.

That, unfortunately, is just the nature of where I lived until a few months back -- Denton (outside Dallas Texas) is a college town filled with some of the worst kinds of eco-freak, hipster, frat-boy, queer-for-shock-value (all possible entendres of queer definitely. . . intended, damn redundant words) and just on and on with what can basically be summed up as people trying way too hard to figure themselves out -- ironically by doing everything in their power to either a) fit in or b) not -- but rarely through exploring their own genuine drives.

so yeah, I do take this opinion a bit (okay, way) too personally, and yeah, it doesn't ahve much to do with the show itself other than that I do legitimately think it is another example of shameful sci-fi where magic masquerades as science due to lazy writers but . . .well, but nothing, I should probably just let it go *laughs*.

EDIT: Found my message, I never did say anything but that people liked it after it was cancelled -- didn't actually imply anything, though I was certainly thinking it (and this is the internet, where snarkiness is the only thing that is transparent it seems). I only point this out because I was complaining about exaggeration immediately after and it would be a bit embarrassing to have had hyperbole right before that little rant. *laughs*

Artifex (Apr 28, 2013)

@emonquente Of course, everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but I think you might be a bit overreacting when you say people only liked it after it got cancelled. The same people would've liked it before, but it wasn't as well known. That's what I'm trying to say here. It looked like you implied that people like it BECAUSE it got cancelled, like they're a bunch of hipsters or something. If that wasn't what you meant, forget I said this then.

emonquente (Apr 28, 2013)

@Artifex bunch is very relative -- what is certain is that it wasn't enough for them to keep it.

As for you liking it -- whatever you like mate. Just because I think it's total crap doesn't mean anyone else has to.

Artifex (Apr 26, 2013)

@emonquente I was agreeing with you on the exaggerating bit, but then you said people only loved firefly after it got cancelled and the acting was bad...? Who is exaggerating here? Firefly had a bunch of fans before it got cancelled already, including me.

az25 (Apr 26, 2013)

@WhiteSenji you could try contributing to the other side of the argument instead of being dismissive and saying nothing.

josbeir (Apr 26, 2013)

@WhiteSenji This show is so good. Its one of the best scifi shows of the past years!! ... Said no one ever.

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  • Premiered Apr 15, 2013
  • Genre Action, Sci-Fi, Drama, Science-Fiction
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  • Runtime 60 minutes
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