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Clan Season 1

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1x01 Bloedband aired Sep 03, 2012

In sleepy Flemish small town Vredegem (Dutch for 'peaceville'), the brothers Thomas and Matthias Dewitt risk having to close down their inherited insurance a... read more

11 votes
1x02 Inferno aired Sep 10, 2012

The brothers Dewit continue their investigation, wondering about the earlier fire claim, while Mathias even dates one of the suspect sisters. Indeed, the Goe... read more

12 votes
1x03 Leverdag aired Sep 17, 2012

The brothers DeWit continue their insurance fraud thesis investigation with another sister, nurse Veerle, but leave none the wiser. Yet she too had a motive ... read more

13 votes
1x04 Hoogspanning aired Sep 24, 2012

The brothers continue their investigation by questioning youngest sister (Re)Bekka, who obviously lies and realizes only now that she hasn't been dating an u... read more

Oog om oog
16 votes
1x05 Oog om oog aired Oct 01, 2012

The bothers move on, questioning even more hostile, one-eyed sister Birgit. She remembered how Jean-Claude's mean hatred for his daughter's kitten, which he ... read more

In de knoop
17 votes
1x06 In de knoop aired Oct 08, 2012

Thomas Dewitt finally obtains the autopsy, which strengthens his murder suspicion. Brother Mathias however almost prefers to believe in an accident, for his ... read more

Professionele hulp
15 votes
1x07 Professionele hulp aired Oct 15, 2012

Thomas confronts Veerle with a surprising new lead: why did her family hire a private detective during the previous summer? The sisters enlist the services o... read more

13 votes
1x08 Kareltje aired Oct 22, 2012

Having hit a dead end, the Dewitt brothers turn their attention to Jean-Claude's parents, only to learn both are missing in action. Having been tricked by Je... read more

Twee lijken en een laatste plan
16 votes
1x09 Twee lijken en een laatste plan aired Oct 29, 2012

The sisters call an urgent meeting: the Dewitts are closing in and Bekka's relationship with Mathias has become a liability. Bekka faces a shocking revelatio... read more

Een sponsen pyjama
19 votes
1x10 Een sponsen pyjama aired Nov 05, 2012

Their mission is accomplished but the sisters can't rest on their laurels as they feel the Dewitts breathing down their necks. If they can't prove Jean-Claud... read more


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