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Crossing Lines

Crossing Lines

An action-packed crime drama about a police unit that specializes in cross-border crimes and brings global criminals to justice. Since globalization, some countries have opened barriers to ensure easy trade, travel and cultural diversity. But this openness has provided criminals with ways to exploit the system and threaten global safety. So much so that a special kind of law enforcement team created by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to combat global crimes, this is the story of "Crossing Lines." This elite team of five international cops must face bureaucratic, jurisdictional and cultural obstacles while working to solve the most notorious international crimes.

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aired Jun 24, 2013


guusje4525 (May 07, 2017)

Funny show, just hate the fact that eveywhere they go(Netherlands/Belgian) other people talk english and not there own language.

asmirp (Oct 05, 2015)

Why hasn't this been updated? 3 episodes of Season 3 have already been aired...

petew61 (Mar 17, 2015)

The guy that plays Tommy McConnel is a goof! He cracks me up, tough guy with the emotional maturity of a 12 year old! In S1 E3 he slams a shot, crushes a paper cup, and bumps into a girl! Classic comedy! That was comedy right?

Ladyexpat (Oct 07, 2014)

.....and it's a US show

Ladyexpat (Oct 07, 2014)

I liked it. ended in a cliffhanger season one, so was glad to find six episodes of season 2.

killmotion (Oct 18, 2013)

TF1 in France renewed this...NBC probably won't air it with the ratings it got, or if they do it will be in the summer again. Maybe another channel owned by NBC-Universal will. Either way, I'd still watch. Maybe if it's not going to air in the states they can go a little further with the storylines and delve darker. Also announced guest stars of Carrie-Anne Moss and Ray Stevenson. Sounds good to me.

MrKoops (Jul 02, 2013)

Not everything that comes from Europe is good.
Bad Stories, bad characters, boring procedurals. 3 Episodes have been enough!

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  • Premiered Jun 23, 2013
  • Genre Action, Crime, Drama
  • Country United States
  • Network NBC
  • Runtime 60 minutes
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