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Castle (2009)

Castle (2009)

When mystery-thriller writer Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is called in to help investigate a series of copycat murders based on his books, he finds he enjoys the experience sufficiently to want to continue it. Pulling strings, he arranges to accompany NYPD Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), claiming he wants to study and use her as a personality basis for his next book series. But their personalities don't mesh -- Castle's fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants detective style greatly clashes with Beckett's more conservative and methodical approach to the crimes, but the new life that Castle has begun couldn't have been scripted better by himself.

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aired Mar 10, 2009


toar4ever (Jan 06, 2014)

Can you guys ever fix the date this airs? Entire Season 6 has been airing on sundays... so the notification for this show always comes 1 day too late on

raymondtoonen (Nov 11, 2013)

Airing sundays now. OMG to many series on monday now.

Freeddie (Oct 13, 2013)

Castle has been moved and the chapters air one day earlier, sundays, not mondays

b0sse (Sep 30, 2013)

Wrong airdate for this one.
Episode 6x02 "Dreamworld" just released a minute ago, and not "airing in 1 day" as it says here.

poeimoei (May 20, 2012)

@Uupis The Finder go cancelled, WHAAAT? *I was on a holiday for about a week* I liked that show. :(

Uupis (May 16, 2012)

@poeimoei I think the people behind Bones felt it was somewhat dragged out, too.
So in The Finder they just had Isabel and Walter establish their relationship as soon as possible.

Was sad to see it cancelled.

poeimoei (May 12, 2012)

@Uupis Thanks for the link and indeed. I'm curious on what's going to happen. It's kind of like with bones (if you watch that). I was somewhat sceptic at first, but they did a great job.

Uupis (May 12, 2012)

@poeimoei Agreed. Also, after reading 2.aspx I have great faith in the show's vision.

poeimoei (May 10, 2012)

@Uupis I do still like it, but I don't see how they are going to keep this so interesting...

Uupis (May 09, 2012)

@poeimoei Yes, I would love to see it go out on a high note. However, I can't say I've been particularly disappointed with any season thus far, so if they keep the quality up, I'm in for at least a few more years.

poeimoei (May 09, 2012)

They should just do a final season. It's been good so far, I hope they won't kill it by making another hanging on season. Just finish it and it'll have been a good series.

Marsmillo (Apr 17, 2012)

Castle is fun, its noting special trough.
I do watch it on tv when there is nothing els playing and I don't have anything better to do.

Woutah (Apr 03, 2012)

They are really pushing it with this tension between Castle and Beckett, I feel like hitting someone with a chair

MrOverDose (Feb 20, 2012)

@Lange I definately agree that they can't feature that storyline every week, but the mentalist does have other continuous elements, like the love interest between wayne and grace/ cho and summer, also patrick jane's character is a lot stronger on it's own/ has more depth. Castle really needs beckett to make him interesting.. But hey that's just my opinion..

Lange (Feb 19, 2012)

Haha, bad choice man, the last 2 episodes are really good. Looking forward to next week. And it's not that weird they don't use the storyline of Becket's mother that much, that's the main storyline and show like this only use that like 4/5 episodes a season. Look at The Mentalist, they do the same with Red John.

Foirzie (Feb 09, 2012)

@MrOverDose Same here, I'm gonna stop watching this, maybe someday i'll pick it up again. The lovething is going on for way to long between beckett and castle and the storyline from her mothers murder is something that still isn't being used properly.

MrOverDose (Feb 02, 2012)

Used to love this show but it's getting a bit boring now.. it needs way more storyline, and they seem to be running out of good ideas for the individual cases

Flugelshizzl (Jan 18, 2012)

@ThibaultDC gotta love stana katic @MaeEars

ThibaultDC (Jan 18, 2012)

This show just keeps on getting better and better.

megatronics (Dec 14, 2011)

Yep, showes january 9 as air date

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  • Premiered Mar 09, 2009
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