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The Musketeers Season 1

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Friends and Enemies
116 votes
1x01 Friends and Enemies aired Jan 19, 2014

Athos, Porthos and Aramis are sent by Captain Treville to locate a missing musketeer carrying important letters on be... read more

Sleight of Hand
103 votes
1x02 Sleight of Hand aired Jan 26, 2014

Vadim is determined to make life as unbearable that is possible for the authorities that have imprisoned him. After h... read more

93 votes
1x03 Commodities aired Feb 02, 2014

The Musketeers have to collect the infamous merchant trader Bonnaire and bring him back to Paris to be punished for b... read more

The Good Soldier
82 votes
1x04 The Good Soldier aired Feb 09, 2014

After Aramis’s old friend Marsac makes a surprise return to to Paris, the Musketeers are thrown into turmoil as they ... read more

The Homecoming
76 votes
1x05 The Homecoming aired Feb 23, 2014

Porthos wakes up after his drunken birthday celebrations with a dead body next to him. The Musketeers must prove his ... read more

The Exiles
52 votes
1x06 The Exiles aired Mar 02, 2014

The Musketeers are forced to put their animosity towards the Cardinal aside to help save a missing girl who they try ... read more

57 votes
1x06 The Exiles aired Mar 02, 2014

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A Rebellious Woman
71 votes
1x07 A Rebellious Woman aired Mar 09, 2014

Aramis and d’Artagnan end up being thwarted as they attempt to transport a young woman and her baby from a village ou... read more

72 votes
1x08 The Challenge aired Mar 16, 2014

The Musketeers have to escourt Labarge, who is under arrest for the murder of two other Musketeers, to Paris. The Red... read more

74 votes
1x09 Knight Takes Queen aired Mar 23, 2014

Queen Anne's life is put in danger. Louis dines with a wealthy German. The Musketeers and Anne are forced to seek ref... read more

78 votes
1x10 Musketeers Don't Die Easily aired Mar 30, 2014

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