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Once Upon A Time In Wonderland Season 1

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Down the Rabbit Hole
135 votes
1x01 Down the Rabbit Hole aired Oct 11, 2013

Alice's stories about Wonderland get her admitted to an asylum; right before Alice undergoes a procedure intended to ... read more

Trust Me
89 votes
1x02 Trust Me aired Oct 18, 2013

Alice concocts a plan to find out who she is up against; Jafar and the Red Queen have a confrontation; a flashback re... read more

Forget Me Not
78 votes
1x03 Forget Me Not aired Oct 25, 2013

Will Scarlet convinces Robin Hood's Merry Men to steal from Maleficent's castle; Cyrus tricks Jafar and the Red Queen... read more

The Serpent
70 votes
1x04 The Serpent aired Nov 08, 2013

With the Knave's life in danger, Alice must decide on whether to use one of her wishes; Alice learns more of the Knav... read more

Heart of Stone
68 votes
1x05 Heart of Stone aired Nov 15, 2013

Will Scarlet and Anastasia pass into Wonderland only to discover it isn't what the imagined; the Red Queen gains her ... read more

Who's Alice
65 votes
1x06 Who's Alice aired Nov 22, 2013

Jafar heads to the asylum to find information on Alice; Alice travels to the Black Forest; Cyrus tries to avoid the R... read more

Bad Blood
65 votes
1x07 Bad Blood aired Dec 06, 2013

When Alice discovers that her father is in Wonderland, they begin healing their broken relationship, which leads to h... read more

68 votes
1x08 Home aired Dec 13, 2013

Alice seeks to reunite with Cyrus and find out why the Rabbit betrayed her... unaware that the Queen is bringing Cyru... read more

Nothing to Fear
57 votes
1x09 Nothing to Fear aired Mar 07, 2014

Lizard finds the Knave's new bottle and he is forced to grant her three wishes. Meanwhile, Cyrus and Alice reluctantl... read more

Dirty Little Secrets
65 votes
1x10 Dirty Little Secrets aired Mar 14, 2014

The Jabberwocky captures the Red Queen and the Knave, and does whatever it takes to force the Queen to make her wishe... read more

Heart of the Matter
55 votes
1x11 Heart of the Matter aired Mar 21, 2014

Jafar discovers that his plan won't work unless the Knave regains his heart. Alice and Cyrus set out to get the heart... read more

To Catch a Thief
55 votes
1x12 To Catch a Thief aired Mar 28, 2014

Jafar convinces the Knave to recover his snake staff so that he can change the laws of magic... and bring back the Re... read more

And They Lived...
64 votes
1x13 And They Lived... aired Apr 04, 2014

Jafar finally gains the power he has always sought, the power to change the laws of magic. While Cyrus and Amara set ... read more


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