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Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels

"Star Wars Rebels", a one-hour animated pilot already in production at Lucasfilm, is scheduled to premiere in Fall 2014 on the Disney Channel before the new brand leaps to Disney XD for the ongoing series, according to Lucasfilm sources.

The series will mine material from the 19 years that follow Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and precede the Episode IV: A New Hope. In other words, using the life of the Skywalker twins as a measure, the series will be active in the story years that come after their separation as newborns and before their (unwitting) reunion on the prison level of the Death Star. (Source: The Disney Channel)

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aired Oct 14, 2014


mav89 (Jun 23, 2021)

Episode list is not correct. For sure Season 1 has issue on the first 4 episodes.

zvucnjak (Nov 29, 2020)

And the episode titles don't match the descriptions in Season 2, possibly other seasons as well.

zvucnjak (Nov 25, 2020)

Looks like these episodes are not correct, aren't first two supposed to be "Spark Of Rebellion" parts 1 and 2 ?

thewhiterabbit (Feb 25, 2017)

Please update :(

toar4ever (Nov 12, 2015)

Once again, the current "2x06: Wings of the Master", should be "2x05: Wings of Master", because "2x01: Siege of Lothai" should be 2x00.

toar4ever (Nov 05, 2015)

Show is not updating? S02E04 is out already! Also, the first episode: "The Siege of Lothal" should be S02E00, not E01

Sandrosaurus (Nov 26, 2014)

@KPND Yes indeed, SOR is a two part movie. So SOR1 and SOR2 should be in specials and season 1 should start from Droids in Distress...I also want a correction.

KPND (Nov 14, 2014)

The episode numbering is incorrect on here. The "Spark of Rebellion" is officially considered a "Film" and not Episode 1, which throws everything off by one. Is there a way to correct that?

Vimy (May 04, 2014)
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  • Premiered Aug 04, 2014
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  • Network Disney XD
  • Runtime 30 minutes
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