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How I Met Your Dad

"How I Met Your Father" would feature a new group of New York friends and chronicle a female member of the group’s quest to meet her future husband. (Source: Deadline)

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emonquente (Nov 25, 2013)

The interview seems promising -- I can give them the benefit of the doubt.

Of course, to truly love this we need someone as charming and relate-able as Ted, someone who was written and portrayed in a way that usually left me feeling like I could literally superimpose myself over him and fully understand his point of view of the show (the same reason Twilight was so successful, but with a properly developed, specific character who is relate-able due to his specificity rather than the fact he is an utter blank slate, which he is not) . .. and it being a woman the next go 'round has no impact of the difficulty of pulling that off for me. There are just as many female traits I do not have as there are male, and so many ways the character could designed that would make me turn it off within 5 minutes. . .and yet, there are so many ways it could play out well too. . .so, giving it the benefit there.

Honestly, what concerns me more is MArshal/Lilly and Barney.
1: Had a crush on all three of the actors/actress since the first times I ever saw them (the show itself, buffy and Doogie Howser)
2: Seriously, Alyson Hannigan is just freaking awesome, and Lilly is basically the same character she has always played -- because that girl just doesn't seem to have any range at all as an actress, but lucky her, her one character is just awesome.
3: They won't be able to reuse the template of "Perfect Couple" or "World's Greatest Horndog" in the next show. . .not without it feeling lazy and a bit cheating, and in the end I'll miss the hell out of it all -- and that 's the biggest possible issue with the new show, even if it is good. . . I'll always miss the original.

Point in favour though -- no more Robin. Who I just never cared about one way or the other.

BertDenolf (Nov 19, 2013)

I hope this will be an orgininal production and not a cheap rip-off...

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  • Status Pilot rejected
  • Premiered 2014
  • Genre Comedy, Lifestyle
  • Country United States
  • Network CBS
  • Runtime 30 minutes
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