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American Monster Season 9

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9x01 Rescue Me aired Oct 30, 2022

A monster in Ohio drowns out their victim's desperate pleas for help.

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9x02 I Had No Choice aired Nov 06, 2022

Greed and manipulation transform an unlikely suspect into an axe murderer.

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9x03 It's Over. Move On. aired Nov 13, 2022

A Pakistani family’s big American dreams transform into a bloody nightmare.

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9x04 Brothers and Sisters aired Nov 20, 2022

A dietician's dashing new husband hides a horrifying Christmas surprise.

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9x05 Only She Knows aired Dec 04, 2022

Young love gone horribly wrong leads to a gruesome discovery in a closet.

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9x06 The Only Way Out aired Dec 11, 2022

Air Force veteran Roger Steward Harris and his wife Donna Lynn Jordan, a nurse, built their dream home in Florida. However, just after the birth of their sec... read more

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9x07 The Whole Building is Full of Snakes! aired Dec 18, 2022

A rock star of the snake breeding world falls prey to a venomous plot.

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9x08 Two Anniversaries aired Jan 01, 2023

Family comes first to grandparents Ron and Kay Wilkson, though they may not have much money, their growing brood always knows how to make their own fun. Howe... read more

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9x09 You Got Me Mean aired Jan 08, 2023

A loving mom takes a walk on the wild side that leads to a very dark place.

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9x10 Gone Hunting aired Jan 15, 2023

The Pacheco family’s charmed life in Hawaii turns from heaven to hell.


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