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The Hotwives of Orlando Season 1

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Meet The Hotwives
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1x01 Meet The Hotwives aired Jul 15, 2014

Tawny invites all the ladies to her charity party that raises money to provide dogs with high heels. Drama ensues bet... read more

Pimps And Hoo-Ha's
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1x02 Pimps And Hoo-Ha's aired Jul 15, 2014

Shauna throws a Pimp's and Ho's party for the gang. Everyone attends except for Veronica who is in the hospital havin... read more

Say You, Séance
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1x03 Say You, Séance aired Jul 15, 2014

All the ladies meet for a nice lunch to discuss how much they despise each other. With none of the women getting alon... read more

Intervention Party
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1x04 Intervention Party aired Jul 15, 2014

Amanda's addiction relapse has gotten so bad that Crystal wants to help her, but not enough to actually do anything. ... read more

awaiting 10 votes
1x05 Staycation aired Jul 15, 2014

Shauna finds out that she's losing her house due to spending all her husband's money, and Veronica loses her dog in a... read more

Vow Renewals
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1x06 Vow Renewals aired Jul 15, 2014

Tawny goes into mourning when she finds out her very rich and old husband is not dying. Meanwhile, Shauna and her hus... read more

The Reunion
awaiting 10 votes
1x07 The Reunion aired Jul 15, 2014

The Hotwives join their host Matty Green to look back, catch up, and start some drama. read more


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