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Queen of the South Season 1

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1x01 Piloto aired Jun 23, 2016

The Mexican drug cartel comes after Teresa, forcing her on the run.

Cuarenta Minutos
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1x02 Cuarenta Minutos aired Jun 30, 2016

Still reeling from the loss of Güero and her escape to America, Teresa has to fend for herself and avoids being forced into prostitution by proving her worth... read more

Estrategia de Entrada
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1x03 Estrategia de Entrada aired Jul 07, 2016

Camila sends Teresa on a major drug operation to test her loyalty. When Teresa plays a pivotal role in the pickup, she takes a real step toward being trapped... read more

Lirio de los Valles
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1x04 Lirio de los Valles aired Jul 14, 2016

Teresa's first solo drug run is impacted by a deadly mistake; Brenda and Tony make an escape to Dallas.

Un Alma. Un Mapa. Dos Futuros.
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1x05 Un Alma. Un Mapa. Dos Futuros. aired Jul 21, 2016

After witnessing a horrific event, Teresa advances her plans; Brenda needs money to survive, and assembles a ragtag team of dealers.

El Engaño como la Regla
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1x06 El Engaño como la Regla aired Jul 28, 2016

In debt and short on supply, Camila grows desperate; Brenda's burgeoning drug enterprise creates a rift between her and Tony.

El Hombre Pájaro
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1x07 El Hombre Pájaro aired Aug 04, 2016

Camila sends Teresa out on a dangerous, but profitable midnight mission; Brenda puts her crew in the line of fire.

Billete de Magia
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1x08 Billete de Magia aired Aug 11, 2016

Desperate, Camila attempts a risky heist; Teresa goes undercover, and must make a choice that will forever change her.

Coge Todo Lo Que Puede Llevar
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1x09 Coge Todo Lo Que Puede Llevar aired Aug 18, 2016

Teresa races to save a witness; Camila assures her partners that she is back in business and done with Epifanio.

Esta 'Cosa' Que Es Nuestra
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1x10 Esta 'Cosa' Que Es Nuestra aired Aug 25, 2016

Camila returns to Mexico in order to protect her life; James hunts down Teresa; Teresa takes Maria through the tunnel to Mexico.

Punto Sin Retorno
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1x11 Punto Sin Retorno aired Sep 01, 2016

Camila's operation goes underground after aligning with the Jimenez cartel; Teresa and Brenda try to start a new life.

Quinientos Mil
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1x12 Quinientos Mil aired Sep 08, 2016

Teresa and Brenda risk everything through extortion; Camila takes steps to overtake Epifanio's empire.

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1x13 Cicatriz aired Sep 15, 2016

Teresa risks her life to protect Güero's book; Camila's takeover hits a rough patch; Epifanio receives new intel.


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