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The Murder Tapes Season 4

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4x01 The Back of the Shed aired Nov 18, 2020

A backyard shed in a Michigan trailer park holds the answers to a dark secret regarding a missing teenage couple. Police interview their families, but one me... read more

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4x02 He's Not Going to Stop aired Nov 25, 2020

A spree shooter is on the loose in Scottsdale, and the entire city holds its breath while waiting for the culprit to be identified. Bodycam footage captures ... read more

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4x03 The Great Don Lewis aired Dec 02, 2020

Donald Lewis is a popular musician who owns a local Jazz Cafe. Despite being beloved in the community, mystery strikes when he suddenly disappears from his j... read more

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4x04 Blind Love aired Dec 09, 2020

Thirty-one-year-old, Gabriel Montanez is found shot in a liquor store parking lot in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Two men in hooded sweatshirts are seen fleeing from... read more

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4x05 Blood on the Bed aired Dec 16, 2020

When 27-year-old Byron Edwards is found brutally stabbed in his home, his family is absolutely devastated. But as detectives work to find the person responsi... read more

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4x06 The Last Laugh aired Dec 30, 2020

Dawn Sandoval is gone. What appears to be a missing persons case, take a stunning turn when very different portraits of her are revealed. Now, detectives mus... read more

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4x07 Do You Want to Smell Human Blood? aired Jan 06, 2021

Shelby Weatherly is found brutally stabbed to death by the side of the highway, and investigators struggle to find a suspect. Forensic evidence and reports o... read more

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4x08 So Hateful aired Jan 13, 2021

When 46-year-old Anthony Pearson is found shot in the park, his family has no idea who would want to bring harm to a man that was loved by so many. Using mod... read more

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4x09 This Guy's Getting Paranoid aired Jan 20, 2021

Roaa Al-Dhanoon has disappeared. What begins as a missing persons case, takes a disturbing turn by someone who is closest to her. Now, detectives must unrave... read more

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4x10 The Girl in the Crowd aired Jan 27, 2021

What starts out as a calm night at the American Legion in Evansville, Indiana, quickly takes a turn when Anthony Blaylock is shot dead. But when detectives o... read more


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