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Tales from the Loop Season 1

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1x01 Loop aired Apr 03, 2020

A young girl living in a small town becomes curious about the mysterious work her mother conducts beneath ground at a facility known as the Loop.

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1x02 Transpose aired Apr 03, 2020

A discovery in the woods gives two teenaged boys an opportunity to step outside their lives.

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1x03 Stasis aired Apr 03, 2020

Upon falling in love, a teenaged girl attempts to make the moment last forever.

Echo Sphere
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1x04 Echo Sphere aired Apr 03, 2020

A young boy encounters a mysterious structure known as the Echo Sphere and must confront the nature of existence.

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1x05 Control aired Apr 03, 2020

In an effort to keep his family safe, a man makes an unusual choice.

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1x06 Parallel aired Apr 03, 2020

A man travels to an unknown world in search of love.

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1x07 Enemies aired Apr 03, 2020

A journey to a mysterious island leads to a monstrous discovery.

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1x08 Home aired Apr 03, 2020

A boy searches for his lost brother in an attempt to recapture the past.


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