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Saved by the Bell (2020) Season 1

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1x01 Pilot aired Nov 25, 2020

Bayside gets an influx of new students after Governor Zack Morris shuts down underfunded schools.

Clubs and Cliques
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1x02 Clubs and Cliques aired Nov 25, 2020

Aisha challenges Jamie's spot on the football team. Daisy and Mac butt heads over an assignment.

The Bayside Triangle
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1x03 The Bayside Triangle aired Nov 25, 2020

After a theft at Bayside, a Douglas student becomes a suspect. Mac and Jamie fall for the same girl.

The Fabulous Birchwood Boys
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1x04 The Fabulous Birchwood Boys aired Nov 25, 2020

Daisy goes power-mad while planning the Harvest Dance. Lexi gives DeVante acting lessons.

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1x05 Rent-a-Mom aired Nov 25, 2020

Slater and Aisha have to toughen up the Bayside football team. Jessie takes Daisy under her wing.

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1x06 Teen-Line aired Nov 25, 2020

DeVante faces consequences after a student says he pushed him. Mac becomes a pay phone.

House Party
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1x07 House Party aired Nov 25, 2020

Lexi and Mac attempt to break up Jordan and Aisha's new relationship. Daisy tries to go wild.

The Todd Capsule
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1x08 The Todd Capsule aired Nov 25, 2020

Zack, Kelly, Jessie and Slater reunite at the Homecoming Gala. Toddman has a secret.

All in the Hall
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1x09 All in the Hall aired Nov 25, 2020

Mac and Lexi help Daisy fight for her future at City Hall. Toddman and DeVante tour the new Douglas.

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1x10 Showdown aired Nov 25, 2020

Daisy plans a walkout, but struggles to get all the Bayside kids to agree. Mac confronts his dad.


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