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Alice in Borderland Season 1

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1x01 エピソード1 aired Dec 10, 2020

Arisu and his friends run into a public bathroom to hide from the police, but when they reemerge, the streets of Tokyo are suddenly completely empty.

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1x02 エピソード2 aired Dec 10, 2020

Leaving an injured Chota, Arisu and Karube head out to gain more experience. They come to a sprawling apartment, where a deadly game of tag awaits.

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1x03 エピソード3 aired Dec 10, 2020

With Chota and Shibuki’s visas fast expiring, the four enter a vast botanical garden in Shinjuku, where they take part in a cruel game of betrayal.

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1x04 エピソード4 aired Dec 10, 2020

Arisu is overwhelmed with guilt and ready to give up, but Usagi urges him to keep going. Next up is a game of endurance in an underground highway.

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1x05 エピソード5 aired Dec 10, 2020

After Arisu and Usagi find their way to the Beach, the king of the so-called utopian haven forces them to help gather the remaining playing cards.

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1x06 エピソード6 aired Dec 10, 2020

Chishiya recruits Arisu and Usagi to help him change the status quo. An unforeseen event rocks the fragile power dynamics of the Beach.

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1x07 エピソード7 aired Dec 10, 2020

Once a safe haven, the Beach becomes the arena for the next stage, where an epic witch hunt turns everyone against each other in a hostile showdown.

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1x08 エピソード8 aired Dec 10, 2020

Tensions inside the resort reach a boiling point. As the game clock nears zero, those who’ve survived the onslaught now face an uncertain future.


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