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The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window Season 1

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Episode 1
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1x01 Episode 1 aired Jan 28, 2022

Between broken dishes and heartbreaking visions, Anna drowns her sorrows in wine and stares out her window — until a handsome dad gets her attention.

Episode 2
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1x02 Episode 2 aired Jan 28, 2022

After overindulging in her usual vices, posting sexy photos and attempting to revive her passion for painting, Anna is shaken by a startling scene.

Episode 3
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1x03 Episode 3 aired Jan 28, 2022

Determined to prove what she saw was real, Anna snoops at the scene of the crime. She joins a support group but winds up right back where she started.

Episode 4
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1x04 Episode 4 aired Jan 28, 2022

Anna's online sleuthing unearths a close connection to Neil — and one tragedy after another. During a trip to a lighthouse, Anna's suspicions run wild.

Episode 5
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1x05 Episode 5 aired Jan 28, 2022

A paranoid stranger appears at Anna's door with threats and the unsettling truth about Lisa. After the cops drop in, Anna unwinds in more ways than one.

Episode 6
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1x06 Episode 6 aired Jan 28, 2022

When a night of passion leads to an arrest the morning after, Anna tries to get on with her life. But just when things feel normal, a new clue is found.

Episode 7
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1x07 Episode 7 aired Jan 28, 2022

Detective Lane puts pressure on Anna in the interrogation room, but Anna maintains her innocence. Back at home, a dark secret lies in the attic.

Episode 8
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1x08 Episode 8 aired Jan 28, 2022

As a storm rages on, Anna pushes past her fear and ends up fighting for her life. Later, déjà vu kicks in when Anna boards a flight to New York.