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Tyler Perry’s Ruthless Season 3

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3x01 The Calming aired Mar 10, 2022

Oliver’s escape attempt hits a snag, Ruth tries to quiet The Highest’s wrath, River brings Joan back to her senses, Dikahn seeks Marva’s help, and Andrew fin... read more

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3x02 Uncharted Territory aired Mar 10, 2022

Brian tails Sheriff Conley responding to a call, Joan makes a gruesome discovery, Dikahn confronts Ruth about her relationship with The Highest, and Paula an... read more

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3x03 Prepare the Throne aired Mar 10, 2022

Paula and Lacey find themselves in a dangerous situation, Ruth works to undermine Marva’s authority, The Highest tasks Joan with a new assignment, and Brian ... read more

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3x04 The Highest to Be aired Mar 17, 2022

Ruth Fishes for information from River and discovers a plot that involves putting a lot of money in their pockets for the future.

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3x05 Proving Grounds aired Mar 24, 2022

As Pressure mounts for the Rakudushi, The Highest grows paranoid that his subordinates are betraying the cause, while Dikahn begins to catch on to River's fi... read more

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3x06 Punishment and Games aired Mar 31, 2022

Marva asks to purchase pregnancy tests to keep up with the expecting, but she really wants to keep up with Ruth.

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3x07 The Strangers aired Apr 07, 2022

Andrew is shocked when fellow undercover agent Malcolm arrives with Lynn, River describes The Highest's mounting paranoia and violence, and Ruth needs Joan's... read more

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3x08 A Masterful Plan aired Apr 14, 2022

Dikahn once again becomes suspicious of Andrew, after questioning FBI Agent Brian Rollins.

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3x09 Does the Highest Know aired Apr 21, 2022

Andrew's undercover operation gets revealed to Dikahn, River steps in to help Zane, Brian and Lynn suffer in captivity, and Elder Mother Marva doubts the leg... read more

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3x10 The Law of Obedience aired Apr 28, 2022

Ruth teaches Zane how to reclaim her power, Elder Mother Marva gets a nasty wake-up call when she reports Dikahn’s cruelty, and Malcolm makes a risky choice ... read more


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