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Parallel World Pharmacy Season 1

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1x01 転生薬学者と異世界 aired Jul 10, 2022

World-class pharmacologist Kanji Yakutani awakens to find himself reincarnated in another world as Farma de Médicis. No longer able to pursue the cutting-edg... read more

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1x02 師匠と弟子 aired Jul 17, 2022

Having discovered a variety of new abilities and learned of the poor availability of medicine in this new world, Farma begins testing what he can do with Sub... read more

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1x03 筆頭宮廷薬師と転生薬学者 aired Jul 24, 2022

Farma accompanies his father Bruno on his house call to the Empress. He realizes he has the ability to cure her, but he can't do so without drawing attention... read more

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1x04 皇帝陛下と創業勅許 aired Jul 31, 2022

Farma continues to treat Empress Élisabeth II, which leads to an unexpected reward.

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1x05 異世界薬局の日常と化粧品 aired Aug 07, 2022

Farma's efforts to create a pharmacy for everyone, nobles and commoners alike, aren't achieving the desired results. But with some help and advice from famil... read more

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1x06 兄妹と海 aired Aug 14, 2022

The de Médicis family visits Bruno's newly granted territory of Marseirre so Bruno can be briefed on the situation there. The seaside location provides the p... read more

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1x07 影のない少年と異端審問官 aired Aug 21, 2022

Farma confronts Grand Temple Inquisitor Salomon, and his sudden conflict with the Inquisition takes a surprising turn.

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1x08 インフルエンザと薬局の夜明け aired Aug 28, 2022

Demand for Parallel World Pharmacy's products continues to rise, exceeding the store's capacity to handle. Everyone would benefit if other shops sold Farma's... read more

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1x09 ある邪悪な男の話 aired Sep 04, 2022

Things are looking up in the Saint Fleuve Empire, with Farma's initiatives improving the overall health of the populace. However, word arrives of a mysteriou... read more

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1x10 第10話 aired Sep 11, 2022

With the Saint Fleuve Fair about to begin, Farma fights to keep the Black Death from ravaging the Empire.

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1x11 第11話 aired Sep 18, 2022

As Farma works to save the villagers of L'Estacque, the infected cargo and crew from the rogue ship get ever closer to the capital.

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1x12 第12話 aired Sep 25, 2022

Farma reaches the capital only to find that plague is spreading swiftly through the city. Can he and the people of the capital get the situation under contro... read more


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