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The Playlist Season 1

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The Vision
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1x01 The Vision aired Oct 13, 2022

After achieving an audacious start-up goal, self-taught coder Daniel Ek takes on the challenge of solving the music industry's piracy issue.

The Industry
awaiting 10 votes
1x02 The Industry aired Oct 13, 2022

During a copyright trial against Pirate Bay, music label head Per Sundin realizes his pushback against piracy might have the opposite effect.

The Law
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1x03 The Law aired Oct 13, 2022

A promising young lawyer leaves her job at a top law firm to tackle Spotify’s complex legal issues and confront the major labels.

The Coder
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1x04 The Coder aired Oct 13, 2022

Sick of his dead-end job, a gifted programmer sharing Daniel's vision of access and independence joins the team to solve their technical challenges.

The Partner
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1x05 The Partner aired Oct 13, 2022

The eccentric entrepreneur and co-founder of Spotify, Martin Lorentzon, looks back on the first five years of "bankrolling Daniel's mistakes."

The Artist
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1x06 The Artist aired Oct 13, 2022

Arguing that Spotify's business model exploits artists, musician Bobbi T faces Daniel Ek in a congressional hearing that could destroy his company.


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