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A master thief and his crew attempt an epic and elaborate heist worth $7 billion dollars — but betrayal, greed and other threats undermine their plans.

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1x01 Yellow
aired Jan 01, 2023


kamaradu (Jan 26, 2023)

I just found an article about best way to watch it:
(Black - its non important), Red, Yellow, Violet, Green, Orange, Blue, Pink, White.

kamaradu (Jan 06, 2023)

<All episodes are named after colours, just like a kaleidoscope. This means each viewer can choose their own journey based on the colours they like the most.
There are 5,040 possible combinations to experience the series and your opinion on certain characters and key plot twists will be dictated by how you choose to watch the show.
While the possibilities are almost endless, 'Black' serves as an introduction to the show's concept, while the episode 'White' is intended to be the series finale.
However, this all important rule was missed by countless viewers who didn't know that, regardless of the order you choose to watch the show, 'White' should always be the finale.>

kamaradu (Jan 04, 2023)

"Kaleidoscope represents nothing less than a bold new vision of storytelling. There are eight episodes in total. Some are set before a heist, some after the heist and one episode concerns the heist itself. But here’s the thing: you can watch the episodes in any order you like."

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  • Status Returning series
  • Premiered Jan 01, 2023
  • Genre Action, Crime, Drama, Mini-Series, Thriller
  • Country United States
  • Network Netflix
  • Links IMDb, TheTVDB


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