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F.C. De Kampioenen Season 1

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1x01 De nieuwe truitjes aired Oct 06, 1990

De Kampioenen have an important match to play, but the new shirts Boma promised haven't arrived yet.

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1x02 Koopjes aired Oct 13, 1990

Pascale bought an antique cupboard without telling it to Oscar. With the same money, Oscar got himself a new camcorder.

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1x03 Vogelvrij aired Oct 20, 1990

Doortje is angry because Pico is always busy in soccer. Meanwhile, Carmen gets furious when Xavier fails once again for his promotion examination.

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1x04 Het record aired Oct 27, 1990

Pico is going to try to break a cycling endurance record in order to collect money for De Kampioenen.

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1x05 Doortje aired Nov 03, 1990

Doortje gets tired of being a housewife. Carmen and Pascale suggest her to go work for DDT, who is searching for a secretary.

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1x06 Transfer aired Nov 10, 1990

Boma wants to sell Pico to an important soccer-team. Oscar is against the transfer: de Kampioenen will get much worse without Pico.

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1x07 Carmens wasmachine aired Nov 17, 1990

No summary found for this show

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1x08 De Ster aired Nov 24, 1990

Pascale reads Bieke's mail and finds out she's selected to appear and sing in a music program.

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1x09 Crisis aired Dec 01, 1990

On local radio Boma announces he'll fire Oscar if De Kampioenen lose the next match.

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1x10 Voetbalploeg zoekt trainer aired Dec 08, 1990

Since Pascale's gone and he's no longer coach of De Kampioenen, Oscar is rather depressed.

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1x11 Het geld of het veld aired Dec 15, 1990

De Kampioenen find out Boma wants to sell the soccer field.

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1x12 Verkiezingen aired Dec 22, 1990

Pico doesn't agree with the fact that Boma is chairman: there have to be elections.

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1x13 Omkoopschandaal aired Nov 29, 1990

When the women find out that DDT is involved in a bribe scandal with the Kampioenen, they think they now have enough money to buy many many clothes. But the ... read more


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